Friday, August 7, 2020

all-out war and it will not end nicely. : one of several pandemic hoax goals

Good post.

I start most days out with Armstrong Economics. 

Marxism is a convenient system for the elite.

Anything better than an open economy they dont control. 

I dont believe this will be successful. 

I think much of the world will instead resemble 1990s Kosovo.


On Fri, Jul 24, 2020, 12:22 AM Gregory 

Based upon reliable sources,

 the agenda is to bankrupt as much of the economy as possible

 to take it over via nationalization which is their Great Reset to reconstruct the economy in only their vision.

They are attacking all fund managers and pensions that have any investment in China to try to force them to sell everything to bring China to its knees. 

Then they have activist judges on board who are in league with them to force by decree the closure of all fossil fuels and pipelines. 

An activist Judge who should be removed from the bench ordered the Dakota Access Pipeline from North Dakota to Illinois must shut down pending an environmental review and be emptied of oil by August 5th. 

The order will be most likely appealed. 

Instead of armed conflict as they did in Russia, 
they are now actively trying to deliberately destroy the economy and the future of everyone

 and think we will be satisfied with Guaranteed Basic Income which will be a minimal subsistence. 

In Germany, the Greens are trying to bankrupt the auto industry and you can see who is part of the agenda by their position on the climate. 

This is an all-out war and it will not end nicely. 

They are well funded and they are deliberately creating a Hybrid-Marxist World 

which only the multinationals will survive 

in league with the Marxists providing full tracking of everyone and monitoring everything we search, think about, and where we go. 

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