Friday, August 7, 2020

About Those Spooky Federal Cops in Portland - LewRockwell

About Those Spooky Federal Cops in Portland
By Jeff Deist
July 22, 2020

Dear Portlandia progressives: a federal government big enough to take care of you is a federal government big enough to "take care of you."

Scary unidentifiable police, federal black sites, and procedureless snatching of individuals from the streets are the wholly predictable and natural consequences of the very policies you advocated for decades.

Why do you imagine a big government with lots of power will restrict itself to the cozy "social issues" and economic takings you support?

Government can seize the means of production,

but not seize you?

You wanted everything run from DC, and you got what you wanted.

Plus you certainly would be every bit as outraged if federal agents concerned about the undermining of America surreptitiously snatched up a few "white supremacists," right?

Progressives of all parties have cheered the relentless centralization of state matters

—and rejection of the Tenth Amendment

—for nearly 150 years.

The shaky and infirm Incorporation Doctrine federalized the Bill of Rights, the Supreme Court federalized social and economic issues, and the the alphabet soup of federal agencies created by progressive administrations federalized the regulatory state.

Foreign policy was ripped away from

Congress and commandeered by bureaucratic Deep State actors at the DOD, CIA, NSA, and the State Department.

Thousands of new federal crimes were created by statute.

These statutes in turn created a vast federal police state, one heavily influenced and provisioned by the residual weaponry and machinery of our overseas wars.

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