Friday, July 10, 2020

US sanctions-move for Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline spells END of Transatlantic BOND – German ex-Chancellor Schroeder


US sanctions-move for Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline spells End of Transatlantic Bond 

[Friendship and Dependency ?] – German ex-Chancellor Schroeder - 

Balance of power is front of our eyes ! 

Is Germany willing to give up Freedom for Security ?

Sadly, predictably YES,  it looks that way !

(That decision was made years ago, when clueless West Germans adopted a [so far]

 'socialism-soft' system of Government.

East Germans rebelling in Opposition, voting AfD, because they have experienced evil socialism and feel betrayed)

 The Merkel regime is spending a lot of money for re-education [indoctrination] in East Germany.


To DT.....LET GERMANY/ EUROPE GO ! The Communists won !

Pull all our troops from Germany !

Ironic, our 'Peace President' wanted friendship and lasting peace with Putin,

 [pull all our troops from all war zones, end all the wars]

  but was prevented  by the evil Democrats

, who, we now know, want the American System FIRST DESTROYED, 

before extending peace to Russia, for the New World Order, 
under global Socialism, 
and enslaved people,
 ruled by their Cabal !


Are Europeans counting on success in our American-Socialist-Revolution 

[to topple American FREEDOM, 244 years of INDEPENDENCE] by coup d'état of Trump ?)

Has Germany made her DECISION to be with the progressive

 'Socialist-Enslaved-East' and NO LONGER with the 'Capitalist-Free-West' ?

(Counting on Capitalism to crash.....leaving the sinking ship ? 

Oligarchs, the evil ruling cabal [deep state] has to be toppled, we all agree on that.

What will come after Capitalism fails ? (The evil socialists, we see, are waiting)

A reset, then back to the Constitution and Freedom, we all hope ! 

Two systems.....

Capitalism and Freedom go well together !

 ('We the People' are armed and in power, to semi "intimidate" our Local, State and Federal SERVANTS into compliance)

Socialism is [central Gov.] dictatorial system of non-Freedom ! 

(People, 'Slaves' are disarmed, because rulers won't ever permit a successful uprising against them...sheeple always have to obey,....tyranny)

LOCK DOWN on Independence Day, so important for the left….

[keep people from celebrating together, patriotism, pride] not to remind them of their Freedom !

Are Americans [last bastion of Freedom, Liberty] also condemned to global enslavement ? 

(HongKong sadly is losing their freedom now, that was expected sooner or later)

Can the USA avoid a bloody civil war ? I hope so, but getting more pessimistic.

(the virus weapon was intended to get a 'smoother transition', during this worldwide Revolution, but the USA is their number one goal)

Sure one can argue....'a human animal', once brainwashed, would never know what freedom is, thus is contend as a slave, never being aware of the difference. 

Only people who have experienced 'true Freedom', independence, suffer enormously under Socialism, Non-Freedom. 

(Watch the suffering in HongKong soon)

He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. 

Benjamin Franklin

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