Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Soros & Steyer exposed as backers of ‘paramilitary’ left-wing group in undercover Project Veritas VIDEO — RT USA News

Obvious Communist Conspiracy.
Communists everywhere.
We are at war.

Virus is not the enemy.
Communists are orchestrating take down of USA economy and civilization.
Pandemic is a hoax.
No confirmed deaths from the virus.
You cannot get any records.
You cannot get or understand your own records.
How hoax gets perpetuated.
No accounting on deaths.
Numbers hijacked.

You cannot get money $$$ accounting either.
Your money is used against you.
Stolen by globalists.

TV phone game internet disinformation everywhere obscures conspiracies.
Made in China.
Emperor won!


Video exposing left-wing organizations like Antifa, 

Project Veritas released footage claiming to show far-left Democrat activists 

bragging about George Soros funding and political connections.

Tom Steyer – who unsuccessfully campaigned for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination for 2020  

– and liberal financier George Soros are

 both named as financial contributors in the new clip on 

Refuse Fascism, an organization dedicated to removing President Donald Trump 
and Vice President Mike Pence from office.

Andy Zee, national organizer for the group,
 mentions during the seven-minute video that 

Steyer "may not want to be directly connected" to the group
 because he has "political ambitions"
 that may be hurt by such a relationship, 

but Zee says the group is in communication with Steyer's assistant and
 "main adviser on impeachment."

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