Saturday, July 11, 2020

save your life: video, George Webb interviewed by RD Steele

Fake pandemic 
is Hollywood fear porn via
CBS NBC ABC CNN PBS…. fake news media.

all video is suspect.
It can't disinform you 
if you don't watch it.

Focus on what can actually kill you.
Learn the facts 
from books 
and lab experiments.

Go to college now 
study M.D. Phd. science.
Much is known about disease, immune system, microbiome, brain,….
Life-saving information not taught anywhere except college.
Where and how all conspiracies are taught.
Do what they do.  
Conspiracies will fail if based on fake science.
Survival requires true science.

Great opportunity for survivalists to learn how your body works and how to protect yourself from disease.
Learn how to run lab equipment.
Learn what to cook and how to cook it.
Learn why to run in the sun.  

Set up your home in a clean environment with mild temperatures off the grid.  

Fear porn will frighten cowards away from colleges.
Especially idiot cowards who do not belong in college.
Now is the best time in a long time.
Easier and cheaper decades ago.
You cannot start any sooner than now.

Webb is an extremely serious investigative journalist who was the first to convince me that the

COVID-19 phenomenon was a deep state project first executed by operatives in the USA at American Universities,

as Fort Dietrick had been closed . 

The video covers a multitude of topics and reveals interesting facts.

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