Monday, July 20, 2020

Riots, civil war, bank failures, Oregonl survival, money supply stolen by communist China

Avoid Seattle and Portland Oregon and other riot prone cities.
Most of the violence is confined to a few square blocks downtown.
It can spread, but richer people in the suburbs have their own police forces.
They will stop the violence before their house is burned down.

Communist China trying to elect Biden.
Violence mostly a show for TV by communist agitators, anarchists, activists,...
Paid in cash and fake gold coins by China,
Using bombs, signs, hats, masks, clothes shipped in from Africa slave factories on US military cargo planes.

Probably best to stay 50 miles away from downtown areas.
Southern Oregon and Northern California is very rugged, sparsely populated
called "State of Jefferson" by secessionists there.

Big changes in banks, scary, catastrophe.
Financial assets are at risk.

Convert financial assets to farm assets,
and rural survival assets in areas where the population has survived for 100s of years.
Off the grid
make your own electricity
drill for water
and grow food, vegetables, fruits, hens, sheep, goats, cows,…

It is hard to see how the problems will work out,
may continue for decades
but probably will stop November 4 after Biden wins the election.

Biden a puppet of communists
using race and class and gender as tools of division
to add up to 51% of the vote.

Probably Biden gets elected.
Then the pandemic disappears with mandatory expensive vaccinations, face masks, house arrest, and other dangerous schemes,…
Rich will get richer.
Poor will get poorer.

The Rich owners of Amazon, Starbucks, Boeing and other big companies are richer than whole countries.
Communism is rule by a few rich dictators who control the means of production.
Capitalism is rule by a few rich capitalists who control the means of production.
Both terms invented by Marx.
Conflict between communists and capitalists called Marxism.

Now we have global big banks and big companies allied with dictators around the world and capitalists around the world.
Rather than conflict we have conspiracies between the dictators, oligarchs, directors, officers, owners of governments and companies.

Poor 99% sheeple are unprotected,
elections controlled,
elections stolen to suit the rich 1%.
Mass media propoganda can force control the minds the sheeple by elections to do what the rulers want.
Brains are fried by electronics.
Poor cannot think, is how this has been run for 100 years.
Global communist dictatorship is nearly complete.

Hi Joe:

Yes, I too am confounded.

I do believe that Trump has had it.

Much to my disgust,
Joe Biden is leading in the poll with double digits.

The country will go socialist,
and I am not too sure that it might just go farther than that,
looking at the culture and overthrow mentality.

I don't know of anyplace to hide and that includes ones assets.

They are after that too, looking at the Democratic platform, and attitudes.

Have you been keeping up on foreign banks?

The last go around with Swiss accounts left me with the impression that they are no longer a safe haven either.

Hong Kong banks are falling to the Beijing regime.

South African banks are already taken over by Black Nationalist,

and Australian banks are closed to Americans.

Though I did notice that Tom Hanks was able to open an account there when he was hospitalized with COVID-19.

Seems like the only stable currency is the American dollar, for how long is anybody's guess.

BTW why are you looking for a hideout in the Pacific Northwest?

Have you been watching what is going on in Portland?

Seattle not far behind.

Maybe Mexico?



Subject: FRB money supply stolen by communist China

Dear Professor

I continue to be amazed by the fake news TV.
Antifa BLM negro riots China virus pandemic …
appear to be a dangerous communist conspiracy
to elect Biden
who sold his soul the devil.
Masked bandits in every store,...

Lost in the commotion is the Fed has been buying corporate debt and equities,
and all kinds of questionable securities.
Dubious and shocking.
Money supply explosion?

I think the lack of inflation is due to Communist China stealing the USA money supply.
How a 3rd world communist dictatorship can suddenly buy its way out of poverty!
in only 30 years!
Where did they get the money?
rob the fed?

Probably some sort of gimmick involving swaps, futures, options, derivatives …
from incessant bubbles and busts
caused by the USA FRB Federal Reserve Bank.

Accounting is secret.
Fake news posted online and reported in the media.
Cannot get access to the original data.
I give up.

I am taking vitamins and walking up to 20 or 30 miles per day to improve brain function.

Looking for a hideout in the remote pacific northwest.

I am Working on mathematics.
I found some interesting problems I can maybe solve.
Hardest problems I ever found.

I cannot figure out news, politics, economics any more.
it is all too confusing.
I never even thought of shutting down the world economy because of a virus from Communist China.
Sounds like a communist plot.
I do not trust any medical or accounting numbers any more, except my own.
TV internet may all be fake news.

I concentrate on survival, medicine, vitamins, exercise, and mathematics.
Try to avoid computers to save my eye sight.

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