Monday, July 13, 2020

inland vs ocean, Pullman WA, Moscow, Idaho university


You have usually chosen to live inland.
Gets harder to learn the ocean lifestyle as you get older.
Jobs different,
Culture different,
Health problems different,..

You could easily have moved 1980 SF bay area when I was there
and you were young and easy to train for coastal type jobs,...

I have usually chosen the coastal areas in California,… since 1967.

Nevada beach is better than California.
Missouri has better beaches than Oregon or Washington.
Beaches are a joke north of Los Angeles, best avoided, slum areas, addicts, drunks, abandoned cars, crime, noise,..
SF gets 3 days a year with good enough weather to go to the beach.

Inland you get away from the ocean problems.
Have to study each area carefully.
Inland Oregon gets colder and drier —
Colder is a problem in all northern areas.
Why most live along I-5 Oregon, WA
balance wet and cold.

Good areas get built on first and have lots of people and old houses built up over many years.
Due to good Jobs, businesses, and culture where working people want to live there.
Study the economy if that is what you should be doing and associating with those who do.

From: Ruthe

Too far from the ocean.

Joe wrote:

50 miles from Pullman washington state university

2 universities
Biggest in the 2 states

Same fertile farms lentils wheat

Few people
Great jobs

Well educated valley
Mormons no smoke drugs
No crime


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