Friday, July 17, 2020

FRB money supply stolen by communist China

Dear Professor Kaufman,

I continue to be amazed by the fake news TV.
Antifa BLM negro riots China virus pandemic …
appear to be a dangerous communist conspiracy
to elect Biden
who sold his soul the devil.
Masked bandits in every store,...

Lost in the commotion is the Fed has been buying corporate debt and equities,
and all kinds of questionable securities.
Dubious and shocking.
Money supply explosion?

I think the lack of inflation is due to Communist China stealing the USA money supply.
How a 3rd world communist dictatorship can suddenly buy its way out of poverty!
in only 30 years!
Where did they get the money?
rob the fed?

Probably some sort of gimmick involving swaps, futures, options, derivatives …
from incessant bubbles and busts
caused by the USA FRB Federal Reserve Bank.

Accounting is secret.
Fake news posted online and reported in the media.
Cannot get access to the original data.
I give up.

I am taking vitamins and walking up to 20 or 30 miles per day to improve brain function.

Looking for a hideout in the remote pacific northwest.

I am Working on mathematics.
I found some interesting problems I can maybe solve.
Hardest problems I ever found.

I cannot figure out news, politics, economics any more.
it is all too confusing.
I never even thought of shutting down the world economy because of a virus from Communist China.
Sounds like a communist plot.
I do not trust any medical or accounting numbers any more, except my own.
TV internet may all be fake news.

I concentrate on survival, medicine, vitamins, exercise, and mathematics.
Try to avoid computers to save my eye sight.


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