Saturday, July 11, 2020

fake pandemic shortage of coins?????: Slow-Motion Horror Show

At Harbor Freight today I was told they will only accept "exact change" for a cash payment.

I used a bank card.

Upon questioning this new, "policy," the gal said there is a Federal shortage of coins prohibiting banks from distributing coins to merchants to use as change. Evidently this was one-week-olds news.

A shortage of coins?????
Where did they all go?????

Nobody hoards coins these days unless they have numismatic value, or are so old the metal (silver) is worth more than the stamped value. ie. no copper, as in newer quarters and dimes.

What does this mean?

If no change is given out -- only cash taken in -- are they stripping the country of cash?

Is this a NWO program toward a cashless society?

Inquiring minds want to know.

When they make us get a chip to facilitate a financial transaction

-- I'll have one shot into my swaz so I can get it out every time I want to buy something.

That'll so 'em!


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