Thursday, July 16, 2020

civil war survival, escape vs blockchain prevention “Brace Yourself” What Is Coming In The Months Ahead

Defunded police means private security by Antifa, BLM,… 
they will have better weapons than you.
Seek a better solution.

If Biden wins the race riots will stop, 
lockdown end, 
pandemic over,….
Return to slowly tax you to death,
hidden slow death by addiction, vaccination, electrification, broadband, electronics, junk food, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, marijuana,…

As has been going on for decades.
Communist takeover without firing a shot.
Final stages of civil war.
Sheeple are clueless.
The worthless are almost exterminated, transgendered, vaccinated, 
pose no threat to globalists, Soros, Rothschild, China emperor,...

Mainstream news total Hollywood fantasy Adam Schiff.
Police incidents look staged to support Biden.
Pandemic a hoax to bash Trump.
You cannot get good information from media designed for disinformation.

Grab the bull by the horns.
Time for action.
Get off the grid.
Escape to small town, clean air, clean water, clean food.

I am looking for a more remote location.
Mildest weather along the Pacific Coast where I lived most of my life.
do not need heating or cooling
eat seafood
live on boat
I tried it before
Escape to Hawaii Australia... if it gets too bad.
Free sail around the world no fossil fuels required.
Ignore politics, focus on survival.

Bought a big pile of math books in March.
1 hard book can keep you occupied for life
no electronics needed.

Starting now to study blockchain crypto currencies again.
So far blockchain has been to fleece sheeple 
gullible idiots.

But blockchain transactions can be used to force accounting

sheeple are fleeced because no accounting required.
study epstein weinstein maxwell 
How did he get a billion dollars while unemployed, no job, no degree, no military, no training….
How many other billions did he spend before the billion he died with?
Study Biden sons,
 Hilary Clinton foundation,
NPR PBS disinformation sponsors,
political campaign funding,
advertising on TV Radio Internet,…
Incorporation law in Panama and other corrupt jurisdictions.

You will see why accounting is not done,
but needs to be done.
to stop global corruption.

Block chain
alt coin
alternative payment systems.

some are the opposite of what is needed.

How to do this correctly.
How to get information on how all this stuff works,
and who is smart and thinking about it.

"Brace Yourself" – Pastor Dana Coverstone Was Shown What Is Coming In The Months Ahead,

And His Video Is Spreading Like Wildfire

Thanks John.

Am going to share with my Christian as well as secular friends. The pastor in sum is talking about a

combination "Red Dawn" and "Road Warrior" scenarios.

I recall reading that just prior to WW2 large nos. of persons had similar apocalyptic dreams.

Beginning about four years ago I suggested a 'building civil war scenario' for the US.

Not the usual election cycle.

Nothing resolved.

Persons would change the subject to the ball game score.

I would acomodate by adusting my tinfoil hat and continue with the mundane.

Will venture to say half of persons now see a civil war. 

About the same number that can regularly read.

The rest are illiterate or semi literate and get their talking points from 30 second sound bytes.

These are the dangerous ones as they will respond to directives without the ability to assess personal consequences.

As I watched this video I was reminded of Luke 21:26."

Mens hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things coming onto the earth…"

Victor Davis Hanson recently stated the upcoming election will not be between Biden and Trump but

"a contest to see which side is angrier."

As such the mechanics and "results" of the election will resolve nothing but serve as a flashpoint.

On a practical note I purchased 880rds. of military 5.56 in a metal ammo can for $440. delivered from Ammo Depot. Pricey but considering…?

Something going on with the Banks.

Rich reported the same problem with change yesterday in Fresno.

Same explanation from the merchant as well.

"Treasury is phasing out coins."

Cash next.

By extension persons will only be able to purchase from large vendors  by using credit / debit.

Shades of this now when small vendors are closed down

but Walmart remains open.

Violation of the 14th Amendment 'Equal Protection Clause' but we are no longer a nation of laws.

Now a nation 'ruled by men' making decrees challenged by the men who do not recognize their legal authority to do so.

ie a growing civil war.

Just my thoughts,


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