Saturday, July 4, 2020

Chromebook new $193 at walmart

Pouring rain, 73 degrees, nice summer here.
I have been walking 30 miles per day.
I want to get back running Marathons.
Oregon has mild weather year round great for running,
Eugene is headquarters of Nike 
I bought my first pair 1975 or 6? in Boston and started running around Fresh Pond, Harvard, MIT daily 5AM.

This week I had to buy a new Chromebook 
because my old one went out of date 
(they quit updates after a few years).

Chromebook is the safest way to use the internet,
from Google, the biggest internet company.
For logins, banking, shopping, etc. the best.

For most people chromebook is the only computer they need.
It is a very simple device, Linux based, cheap.
Simpler means less things can go wrong, and costs less.
Like a bike versus a car.

I went to Walmart,
10 minutes later walked out with the Chromebook $193 total cost on sale.

It has a non-login mode where you can use the internet anonymously without cookies and so much tracking.
I like my old chromebook better because it is smaller.
Old chromebooks last forever,
can be used in non-login mode for browsing,

This may not be it,
but I got an Acer made in Taiwan, 
not communist china.

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