Sunday, July 26, 2020


Eye opening.

Both sides now are armed.

At some point there will be a Fort Sumpter attack and then full scale civil war.

At first confined to urban areas with the backing of their Democratic leaders.

Get out of large urban areas.

The statues and the incident involving the Missouri couple the McCloskeys indicate property both private and public will not be defended by law enforcement.

The Baltimore mayor stated police are focused on "protection of life NOT property."

I also suspect threats to conservative lives will be ignored in these same areas by prosecutors

and the 'deep state run media' will not report on attacks by anarchists and insurgents. 

The victims of attacks will be labelled as the attackers.

A man guarding a store from looters with a sword last week was beaten within an inch of his life.

My grandson, who is a card carrying Progressive (Communist) said he" had it coming. He got in their way."

The entire concept of privately owned property is also a target. If so why would one buy property in an urban area? Seven million for a townehouse in NYC?

If one no longer is required to have a physical presence at their employers office why live in an urban area?

Rural property prices are skyrocketing.

Montana property has quadrupled in ten years.

Worldwide the rising insurrection has nothing to do with race.

The enraged "have nots" are rising against governments that made social welfare promises that it is now obvious will not be kept.

Meanwhile governments and elites like Hollywood are attempting to frame the uprisings as racial, when they are class revolts everywhere.

Hollywood and the corporate elite pander to the mob, yet they will also be a target.

Last week a guillotine was dumped at the entrance to Bezos' Amazon Headquarters.

Just my take,


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