Monday, July 20, 2020

70% of cash is held outside the US. : “Brace Yourself” – Pastor Dana Coverstone Was Shown What Is Coming

About 70% of cash is held outside the US.

I suspect cashless will only be for the domestic serfs.

Much the same way politicians are exempted from tax law,

covid 19 edicts,etc.etc.


It makes me wonder about cashless society.

How will drug users buy marijuana ?
….. Walmart gift cards ?

How will CIA bribe foreign officials ?
…… Gold bullion ??

How will lobbyists bribe Congressmen ?
…… Booze, Broads, Boats, Bullion … no question mark there.


> Thanks John.Am going to share with my Christian as well as secular friends.

> The pastor in sum is talking about a combination "Red Dawn" and "Road Warrior" scenarios.

> I recall reading that just prior to WW2 large nos.of persons had similar apocalyptic dreams.

> Beginning about four years ago I suggested a building civil war scenario for the US.

> Not the usual election cycle.

> Nothing resolved.

> Persons would change the subject to the ball game score.

> I would acomodate by adusting my tinfoil hat and continue with the mundane.

> Will venture to say half of persons now see a civil war.

> About the same number that can regularly read.

> The rest are illiterate or semi literate and get their talking points from 30 second sound bytes.

> These are the dangerous ones as they will respond to directives without the ability to assess personal consequences.

> As I watched this video I was reminded of Luke 21:26."

> Mens hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things coming onto the earth…"

> Victor Davis Hanson recently stated the upcoming election will not be between Biden and Trump but "a contest to see which side is angrier."

> As such the mechanics and "results" of the election will resolve nothing but serve as a flashpoint.

> On a practical note I purchased 880rds. of military 5.56 in a metal ammo can for $440.

> delivered from Ammo Depot. Pricey but considering…?

> Something going on with banks.

> Rich reported the same problem with change yesterday in Fresno.

> Same explanation from the merchant as well.

> "Treasury is phasing out coins."

> Cash next.

> By extension persons will only be able to purchase from large vendors by using credit/debit.

> Shades of this now when small vendors are closed down but Walmart remains open.

> Violation of the 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause but we are no longer a nation of laws.

> Now a nation ruled by men making decrees challenged by the men who do not recognize their legal authority to do so. ie a growing civil war.😪
> Just my thoughts,
> Ron
> On Fri, Jul 3, 2020, 8:38 AM J. C. JOHN


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