Wednesday, June 3, 2020

white state, cool, dry, skinny, healthy

Avoid riots.
Birds of a feather flock together.
All humans are tribal.
Find your tribe.

Negroes continue to immigrate to USA to riot and steal.
Democrats, Bidens, Clintons,… love racial conflict.
Democrats get rich by ripping off those poor negroes 
and poor dumb white trash addicts
 who cannot figure out how they are being ripped off,
or don't even know they are ripped off!

Bush and many Republicans too get rich off ripoffs, environmental destruction, theft of Native American land, slavery, prostitution, immigration….
For 500 years.
The emperor of Communist China now benefits the most, 
learning the migrant ripoff game, 
how to get rich off sinners killing themselves, 
wide is the gate leading to destruction.

You can play the games too, and die sooner.
Or vote with your feet.
Move out of sick smoggy multicultural areas.

Wyoming has the least people,
so the least people problems, 
least population density,
least people diversity - mostly white and a native American Indian reservation.

Highest altitude, mostly dry, less rain, mold,…
High altitude causes the skinniest people.
Colorado / Wyoming the skinniest states.
Get outdoors and exercise.

I got my best workouts in Lake Tahoe, uphill biking.
Cool even in the summer, you can exercise very hard without overheating, a huge problem for me.
High altitude means less molecules, thin air.
Heat does not feel as hot.
Cold does not feel as cold.
San Francisco feels cold even in the summer because thick wet fog pushes thru clothes and sucks the heat out of you, 
drives people indoors to smoke pot, get drunk, TV addiction, steal online.

Get tremendous sun tan from bright sun.
Low molds, allergies, germs that I really noticed moving from San Francisco sea level to Tahoe 7000 feet.

Bright sun has tremendous health benefits.
Your skin is a solar panel that needs sun to operate correctly.
Sun penetrates your skull to light up your brain for improved thinking.
You can get more bright sun at high altitude without overheating.
More exercise, walk around all day outdoors.

Wyoming is poor and getting poorer due to oil price crash and tourism crash.
Bad for farming and ranching  no GMO, CAFO pig shit factories.
Wyoming will never get crowded, many left for better economy elsewhere.
You will never get rich in Whyoming.
But lots of nature areas, peace, quiet.
Many good areas in Idaho, Wyoming, Dakota, Utah, Oregon, Nevada…
Less people.
Less people problems.

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