Thursday, June 11, 2020

The rise of left-wing rage mobs in America

Moral cowardice in high places. Go along to get along. 

This will weaken the political class overall. 

Huge segment of the population mostly Trump supporters being ignored.

Headlines pretend they are not there.

 Hoi poloi,deplorables,etc

.This is how the elite got into the current mess. 

Attempting to control and dictate the narrative.
i.e. this is what you must think and do. 

Ignoring flyover country while picking their pockets. 

Am beginning to think this will devolve into an open civil war before November. 

Shelter in place admitted now by some in CDC to be a medical mistake.Also a tactical mistake for the Left.

Place populace on house arrest while only Left wing approved riots are permitted? 

Cover the kettle and turn the heat up.

Will boil over. 

Between now and November anything is possible.
Prepare for the worst.
Pray for the best. 

This will only come first with dialogue between the two sides.
Their is none. 
Polarization is complete.


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