Wednesday, June 24, 2020

survive, write book in Oregon. 9/11: Sealed Records And Classified Files That Will Be Released One Day

I got a big fat book on the Marilyn Monroe suicide murder conspiracy that was back in 1962?
first in a string of related murders?
She was a jogger, said you can tell a lot about people from what they threw away.

All important facts must be put on paper, online on blogs, social media,… so people can find the facts conveniently in the gym,….

All good ideas should be published
in paper form, hardcover, softcover, in bookstores.

electronic books on amazon barnes noble,

Websites are cheap and easy to set up and make money.

People buy, read stuff on phones, tablets, computers,…
it is set up for you to make money there.

Blogs are free, cheap, easy, - daily updates to all important facts.

The best writing tool is the Apple iMac,
and the best desktop publisher is TeXshop from professor Koch at the University of Oregon in Eugene on I-5.
A survivable comfortable place to live in these troubled times, especially for whiter people.

All publishers use TeXshop or similar to generate pdf required for book printers….
Wiley 7inch books, Springer Verlag, Oxford,….
Custom intellectual property to compete for the best possible books they are really beautiful.

The best book printer for self-publishers is Gorham Press in Centralia Washington where I usually stay up there, very green and pretty.

People are ready for new ideas as the politically correct left-wing thinking is falling apart before our eyes.
Open borders, Soros, mass migration is leading to chaos and civil war, riots, looting,….
End of an Era?
or more trouble coming?


From: Greg


There is little doubt that Giuliani is complicit after the fact.

But so is 100% of the federal government; so is Trump today. So is every Congressman if he is not a retard.

All the federal judges in NYC are complicit.

One federal judge in NYC said he was afraid Cheney would have him killed if he did not go along.

I still adhere to the hope that Trump will do full 9/11 disclosure after he is re-elected.

I have seen Trump on about 3 YT videos stating that 9/11 was not as told to us by the press.

In one video Trump said his own architect/ engineer who was involved in building WTC towers told Trump that it was impossible that even multiple large airplanes crashing into the towers could bring them down;

the towers were built to withstand that kind of event.

Trump stated he believed bombs were involved.

just maybe waiting for the right time,
like maybe after removing some obstacles near the top of the FBI and other agencies ?

Trump has little choice but to move slowly, because he has little support from those around him.

Also he is trying to avoid a shooting variety civil war between his supporters and the Deep State.

I'm thinking that he wants to get a lot done ( tons of scum dumped into Gitmo ) before all hell breaks loose upon disclosure.

I imagine that after 9/11 disclosure is accomplished , it would not be a good idea to be wearing a yarmica ( half a lady's bra ) on one's head anywhere in the USA including Jew York.

They say that Putin played a similar game; he pretended to support the Jewish oligarchs until he gained full power. Then he jailed or banished them.

Like you I am less hopeful now , but only because I have been waiting for 5 years for Orange man to turn on the afterburners.


> On Jun 20, 2020, at 4:54 PM, Rich
> Greg,
> It's always good to hear from you.
> 1. No mention of the murder of 3000 Americans on 9/11 at the WTC and Pentagon is included in the article. Is this a coverup by omission ???

> The scum that perpetrated that atrocity __ Zionist scum Jews and traitorous, treasonous, rat bastard Americans are still walking around free in NYC, Tel Aviv, and elsewhere.
> My take away point:
> As mayor of NY city during 9/11, Guliani had to at least have his suspicions with his knowledge of the twin towers

> -- not to mention WT7. From what I know he did nothing by way of investigating the crime. If he spoke up, he was shut down.
> To me, this makes him complicit after the fact. Perhaps complicit before the fact??? Who knows.
> He is now head council to Donald Trump, another New Yorker during 9/11.
> To me, this makes him untrustworthy -- to say the very least -- a possible deep state agent at the very worst.
> Trump bringing him on board, with what is stated above, is why I have doubts about Trump.

> >>>>>> UNLESS >>>>>>> Trump is biding his time until after re-election and then will disclose everything.
> I know you are hopeful this disclosure will occur, and I hope it will too, of course.
> But until then, my friend, I remain in, wait-and-see mode.
> Rich L.............out..........
> On Sat, Jun 20, 2020 at 3:28 PM Gregory

> Rich

> Good to hear from you.

> Most of the population's minds are dead or hibernating.

> You bet your derriere that my interest is peaked and here is my off the top response :
> 1. No mention of the murder of 3000 Americans on 9/11 at the WTC and Pentagon is included in the article. Is this a coverup by omission ???

> The scum that perpetrated that atrocity __ Zionist scum Jews and traitorous, treasonous, rat bastard Americans are still walking around free in NYC, Tel Aviv, and elsewhere.

> The Zionist scum Jews duped Americans into fighting and dying for Israel's Yinon Plan of conquest.

> They got Americans to pay for THEIR war.
> Stateside, the Bush Crime Family did not have to pay back loans to a financial institution that got blown up at the WTC, funds used to buy up assets of a collapsing USSR.

> More importantly our Military Industrial Complex made out like bandits .

> There were 50 promotions at the CIA and a number of top level promotions at the Pentagon WITHIN 30 DAYS !!!!

> There's so much more __ deaths of huge numbers in the Middle East, and the destruction of nations.
> 2. James Fetzer PhD and Jerry Kroth PhD are good sources of in depth info on the JFK assassination.

> Two representatives of the Zionist criminal, genocidal State of Israel were present to witness the assassination _ Arnon Milchon and Yitzak Rabin.

> The Zionists wanted JFK dead because

> 1. JFK was opposed to Israel having nuclear weapons ,

> 2. JFK wanted to abolish the skimming of and control of the American monetary system by the Federal Reserve Bank which was / is a private corporate conglomeration owned 56 % by the European Rothschield clan noted for being a parasite on humanity, and

> 3. JFK wanted the Israel lobbies to be registered as a foreign agents, which they are.
> 3. Martin Luther King Jr as well as John Lennon were both killed for speaking out against the Vietnam War and for no other reason.

> Both assassinations employed "patsies". The threat of the influence of these two men on public opinion was a threat to the profits of the Military Industrial Complex.

> ( Ten year wars are more profitable than five year wars ) .

> And you thought I.G Farben and Nazi Germany were a Fascist combo ????
> 4. The story of Edward VIII as promulgated by the UK is a coverup. The future king was an ardent Nazi Germany supporter ( and SPY ) and therefore was wanted GONE by Brits during wartime.
> 5. Rudolph Hess flew to the UK on a secret mission to avoid a war between Germany and Britain.

> Germany wanted peace with the UK.

> Unfortunately Churchill was under the spell of City of London Jew scum central bankers who wanted war production profits from factories they controlled

> , as well as not minding Brits to bleed and die bringing harm to Germany .

> The Jew scum central bankers THEN are the same clan orchestrating the havoc in the USA today.

> Rudolph Hess stayed in prison the longest among his Nazi cohorts after WW2 so that he would not spill the truth about who caused a Britain-Germany war.

> The Dunkirk evacuation of 330,000 Allied soldiers was a gift by Hitler to a nation he did not wish to wage war against.
> There's a lot of trash to be gotten rid of on this earth.

> I'm available to participate if asked.

> Hey, even a twelve year old with a gun can be dangerous.
> Greg
>> On Jun 20, 2020, at 11:19 AM, Rich

>> wrote:
>> Subject: Sealed Records And Classified Files That Will Be Released One Day
>> Does this pique your interest?

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