Saturday, June 20, 2020

Street Battles in France with Weapons

 Street Battles in France with Weapons | Armstrong Economics

This is a small result of what happens when people are brought in to Europe who will not assimilate easily due to culture, religion, etc.
Fortunately what 's happening in Dijon is not as bad as the Moslem riots in Paris some years ago.
This is what happens when the population is brainwashed by the elites into the " WE'RE  NOT  RACISTS; WE  WELCOME  ALL  INTO  OUR  COUNTRY " paradigm.
The real hidden agenda is to weaken a country so that the elites can install their New World Order  agenda using their agents __  national  leaders, and Soros style Non Governmental Organizations.
It's happening all over the West  ( think Somalis in the USA  brought in secretly by scumbag Obama  ).
Good luck, Western Civilization  !!

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