Sunday, June 14, 2020

Shhh, A new ConspiracY

Why one must go at all possible to original sources and multiple unrelated sources.

Many Americans are intellectually lazy and
run to misinformation sights such as Snopes,
or Factcheck.

Neither would be accepted as a reference on a 6th grade homework assignment.

Mainstream corporate news is fake.

They have been caught multiple times using phony video footage,omissions,mistakes and disinformation.

A very recent example was New York Times stating GW Bush had stated he was not voting for Prrsident Trump.

Bush denied he ever made made the statement.

The term "Conspiracy theory" was coined in the late 1960s by the CIA
to discredit anyone not believing the official Oswald lone gunman theory.

Have actually read the internal memo.

Notice when the term "conspiracy theory" is used no evidence or discussion on the merits is allowed on the alternative viewpoint.

Instead statements used are vague such as

"Leading experts agree",

" or widely discredited."

Americans on many current events appear confused or surprised.

This is the result of being mislead or put to sleep initially by fake news until the true reality is unveiled.

Many pronostications by so called conspiracy theorists laughed off years ago are now coming true

including riots,

the existence of a Deep State,

subversive groups in the US,

and voter fraud.

Recently the US Air Force admitted UFOs were real.

5000 certified structural engineers have signed an affadavit that the official explanation of 9/11 was not possible.

There are many Americans who pride themselves on ignorance.

They sit in front of the TV alone wearing a face mask and watching CNN.

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