Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Revolution USA 2020 -- Authentic vs Fake Blacks, Legitimate Grievances, 3 Trump Triumphs Lost?

Thanks John,

Short concise analysis from retired CIA.

Have thought for a long time many incidents are false flags.

Riots are stage events.

Ads for crisis actors,
dropping bundles of bricks off.

Same faces photographed in different incidents around the world.

Remember listening to witness interviews and original dispatch traffic on the Las Vegas concert shootings.

Multiple shooters from multiple locations with multiple caliber weapons.

911 evidence from thousands of certified structural engineers makes the official version a scientific impossibility.

Would not surprise me if a phony election were engineered this Nov.

The US Gov. is collapsing much the same way as the Soviet Union through a thousand cuts.

All possible scenarios for the duration of this year all share a common denominator.

Extreme chaos and disorder.

Much personal threat coming from hordes of broke, confused, and enraged urban mobs.

Many similarities with the Jacobins and the subsequent French Revolution.

Substitute police for guards in the Palace of Versaille.


From: John

18 minutes Excellent


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