Friday, June 5, 2020

Nukes. Antifa- white racist communist movement.=Conspiracies Behind the Curtain =

Antifa blow up Fresno, Las Vegas, Orlando, Oregon, Alaska, Texas oil fields
where republicans live and worthless fruit pickers, hotels, casinos, latinos, negros, …
have become non-essential due to oil price drop
and permanent pandemic ruining tourism, cruises, theme parks,....

Deep State will blame Iran and show that Trump is weak on Muslim Terrorists.
Conspirators get rich off insurance, bankrupt Lloyds of London
- bigger than 9/11 and win the election for Biden.

Suitcase nukes already in position.
Detonate before Obamagate indictments.
Mueller flopped.
Impeachment flopped.
Pandemic flopped.
Shutdown flopped.
Negro riots flopped.

More Democrat dirty tricks coming.
Game plan orchestrated by left wing conspirators communist China, Khazars, Pelosi, Schumer, Hollywood, social media….
ghetto people destroy their own ghetto
move on to destroy other homelands.
USA is finished.


The goal is to get LE out of the way
by neutering them as seen in Portland
where they stand two blocks away during Antifa actions.

Threatened with their jobs and pensions.

Progressive mayor is also the police commissioner.

Imo once law enforcement is out of the way
blue controlled cities can be used for staging areas
against the countryside where higher density of conservatives live.

Study actions against Rhodesian and South African white landowners.

I spoke with many Rhodesian (Zimbabwe) and South African expats going through the INS naturalization program at the Fresno office.

African whites were heavily armed and trained regularly
but out numbered ten to one by blacks.

Black insurgency groups would come at night and set fire to crops.
Later buildings,

and still later raping and killing the landowners.

Antifa is a communist organization that does not believe in private land ownership.

Blue politicians like Mugabe did will ignore atrocities by Leftist groups until farms are abandoned.

States will takeover food production.

"Land reform" will be announced.

Recent mass releases of convicted felons will supply additional manpower to Leftist insurgency groups.

Same with MS13 and
Cartel operations on the west coast.

In the very near future keep eyes on rural areas
especially unexplained damage on isolated farms
near blue metropolitan areas.

Just my take,

On Thu, Jun 4, 2020, 6:14 PM Lothar

Antifa- A highly organized white racist communist movement.

Their goal is the overthrow of the US government.

Emmy-winning correspondent

ANTIFA has been claimed to have been hijacked by
Chinese Cyber Ops and
& Iran
(see NY Magazine).

The most volatile swing state for the election is
where the George Floyd's death in police custody took place.

Mike Erlandson, a former chairman of the Minnesota Democratic-
Farmer Labor Party, said he watched with his

15-year-old daughter in Minnesota this week as a man spray-painted on a wall,
"F–k the white people from the suburbs."

"I do think that, particularly if this continues,
the [congressional] districts like
Dean Phillips' district or
Angie Craig's district that right now

I would say are relatively safe for the Democratic incumbent,
could be very much in play,"

\ "Both of those districts will be decided in large part by suburban women voters,
and it would be
hard for me to imagine those people aren't watching this scared,
like everybody else,
for their family and for their children."

Elon Musk was asked a week ago why Tesla's new Cybertruck
has a need for bulletproof windows.

His answer was interesting:
"We've got to be ready for the Apocalypse."

NBC's @KellyO on Sunday: National Security Adviser,
Robert O'Brien tells us the president wants to know what the
FBI has been doing about radical activist groups like Antifa

@realDonaldTrump on Sunday:

The USA will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization

Attorney General William P. Barr's Statement on Riots and Domestic Terrorism
Federal law enforcement actions
will be directed at apprehending
and charging the violent radical agitators
who have hijacked peaceful protest
and are engaged in violations of federal law.

To identify criminal organizers and instigators,
and to coordinate federal resources with state and local partners,
federal law enforcement is using an existing network of 56 regional FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF).

The violence instigated and carried out by Antifa
and other similar groups in connection
with the rioting is domestic terrorism
and will be treated accordingly.

The rumor is that the FBI has already infiltrated Antifa
and has been monitoring their communications.

The Epoch Times' @Annakhait
insisted that Antifa is a group of HIGHLY organized,
dangerous white radical communists.

He claimed that a friend went undercover for a year in Portland
(has it on video)
and discovered they were extremely racist.

They are really interested in starting a revolution
to overthrow the United States
and create a communist government.

Antifa and related groups' violent acts have been ignored up to now.

They have been perceived to be anti-Trump
which has given them a pass so far.

This Antifa's insurgency is clearly an
extreme anarchist-communist movement
which has been employing rioting to effect political change.

Footage recorded in Minneapolis and other cities
show militants dressed in black bloc
which is the Antifa uniform.

They have been wielding weapons like
hammers or
to smash windows
to encourage looting.

They are fueling the civil unrest and are painting graffiti
"FTP" which means "F-ck the Police";

ACAB stands for "All Cops Are Bastards";
and 1312 which is the numerical code for ACAB.

All the parts of rioting serve a purpose.

Looting and fires destroy local economies.

Riots can overwhelm the police
and even the military.

All of this leads to a destabilized state which has been the Antifa's end goal.

Most interesting is that demonstrations have now
spread to Europe in the wake of George Floyd's death.

This is part of what is appearing to be an
Antifa international organized plot.

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