Tuesday, June 23, 2020

MSM Silence: Elitists Gather To Finalize Our Enslavement, ‘The Great Reset,’ & NWO


MSM SILENCE: Elitists Gather In Swiss Town To Finalize Our Enslavement, "The Great Reset," & NWO

Make no mistake, this will be absolute tyranny on a global scale.

The mainstream media is silent as the elitists who want power over every human on Earth

plan to meet in a Swiss town to discuss "the Great Reset,"

a push to a one-world currency – one in which they have ultimate control.

The plan is to make sure a "post-COVID" world is built the way they want it.

Slavery and totalitarian control.

If you haven't figured out now that the system was put there to protect them, not you, line up for the Bill Gates sponsored vaccine.

Things are going to get much uglier, and quick.

The objective of this meeting is the "rebuilding" of the world's economic and social system in order to make it more "sustainable."
It sounds good, right?

But, by more sustainable,

they mean more enslaveable.


When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

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