Sunday, June 14, 2020

morro bay. coos bay Oregon

I lived most of my life along the California coast
and spent a lot of time outdoors,
so quite familiar with coastal weather.

Constant fresh air breezes, unpolluted, washed by the sea.
The pacific ocean makes west coast temperatures milder year round.

Further north, usually cooler,
at least part of the year.

Morro Bay
Coos Bay:

Low temperatures the same year round.
40 in the winter.
52 in summer.

High temperature the same in the summer.

The big difference is the winter high temperature
62 in Morro Bay
52 in Coos Bay.

Coos Bay gets more clouds and rain in the winter so will be 10 degrees cooler.
The farther north,
the wetter and greener,
and the worse the appearance of buildings and concrete as they get clobbered by constant rain.
People driven indoors will watch TV, get junk food, smoke, drink, get fat.

Better weather may be why people are richer, healthier, happier in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, San Diego….
Why people started big business there.

But with SHTF scenarios becoming more common, and more likely.
A less populated area with better infrastructure is better.
Less people -> less problems, less communicable disease.
Oregon has lots of fresh water, clean air, food sources,…
that California lacks.
Midwest becoming a toxic dump, GMO, pesticides, chemicals CAFO pig feces, chicken feces,…
Arkansas has over 1,000,000,000 chickens!

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