Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Marie Antionette period. Police persevere for retirements. know their retirements will not be forthcoming. Get out of huge urban areas.

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Happens every 300 years approx.

Marie Antionette period.

 Wealthy strive to mainstain their detached  lifestyles in an era of dropping currency values and 

unpayable debt at every level.

Requires politicians to openly embezzle through useless foundations,
phony charities, 
public works such as CA.HSR 

and now stimulus funds for the serfs. 

Politicians have been kicking the can down the sidewalk.

Can is now not going far and starting to spark.

Fed recently began buying corporate junk bonds 
allowing wealthy to purchase stock
 instead of financing capitalization and 
production of goods.

Production of goods and services has been replaced with 
swindles and scams. 

No price discovery. 

Phony rigged markets.

street is being sucked dry.

Trillions missing. (Source: Mich State Univ. Economics Dept). 

Presumably to the elite and Deep State agencies.

Perfect storm for rebellion and civil war.

More specifically the issue within the US is Marxism 
or adherence to the individual rights guarantees in US Constitution.

Constitutionalists marching with legal weapons on blue state capitals. 

Antifa and other Marxist groups riots going through urban centers like Sherman's March. 

This period is very similar to the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 leading up to WW2.

Law enforcement cannot and will not last. 

Covid 19 shortsighted policies of closing businesses destroyed revenues for police overtime.

Police historically persevere for retirements.

Many know their retirements will not be forthcoming. 

Get out of huge urban areas.

Dont worry about best schools,
libraries and cultural arts.

 Medical facilities are a concern.

More  likely all the above will be burned to the ground.

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On Mon, Jun 1, 2020, 4:08 PM J. C. J

As the world burns… 

the real forces behind the uprising, and how to protect yourself NOW


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