Monday, June 22, 2020

Israel domains, chrome, malware infestation?

Beware of any apps or extensions.
I try to use native apple products.
or native google products.
No extensions.
Few apps.
Microsoft is too bad to use at all.

Chromebook is one of the safest but I am looking to improve.

Some malware extensions evidently tied to israel.


All of the domains in question,
more than 15,000

were purchased from a small registrar in Israel,
CommuniGal Communication Ltd.

, Galcomm owner Moshe Fogel told Reuters that his company had done nothing wrong.

"Galcomm is not involved, and not in complicity with any malicious activity whatsoever,"

. "You can say exactly the opposite, we cooperate with law enforcement and security bodies to prevent as much as we can."

Fogel said there was no record of the inquiries Golomb said he made in April
to the company's email address
for reporting abusive behavior,

and he asked for a list of suspect domains.

After publication,
Fogel said the majority of those domain names were inactive
and that he would continue to investigate the others.

The Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers,
which oversees registrars,
said it had received few complaints about Galcomm over the years,
and none about malware.

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