Friday, June 12, 2020

Ghislaine Maxwell. debt jubilee : Mortgage crash coming — here’s why! (Full show)

and concise.
 We are per Jim Sinclair in a form of debt jubilee already.

About 20-30% of student debt is in forbearance,
deferment or outright default. 

It would not have been paid back before shelter in place.

Auto loans are out to 8 years with no down and manufacturers are channel stuffing ie sending models to dealerships without waiting for orders. 

Dealers have to pay any flooring.

The 16% unemployment is about right but too low if compared to 1994 and earlier figures.

Long term (over one year) "discouraged" workers are no longer counted as unemployed as they were up to 1994.

The worldwide riots only symbolically are over police brutality of blacks. 

Persons hopelessly unemployed or underemployed and/or saddled with unpayable debt.

 Disparity of income between the haves and have nots continues to explode. 

It will boil over as in the Russian Revolution or the takeover of Bautista' s Cuba. 

Am predicting in large cities institutions and private households will be overrun and looted. 

What can stop them?

The wealthiest will not only allow this to happen but cheer the mob on.

Smug in their knowledge of how much they have amassed and having their own heavily armed security.

Regarding Epstein.

This case is not going anywhere.

First order would have been to locate Ghislaine Maxwell. 

She is currently back in Israel.

 Statements from multiple victims have shown her to have operated as a procurer and Madam.

 She was either a principal with Epstein or aided and abetted.

She could have been made to testify given her own criminality.

Per Steve Pieszenki (Retired CIA and State Dept. ) 

she was a Mossad Intel operative

 financing Epstein for a massive high end blackmail operation of elites.


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