Sunday, June 28, 2020

George Floyd obit Pro-Life death bastard revenge

Pro-life TV pundits sirens lure electronic addicts to death

Republican anti-abortion laws led to
Democrats reproducing like rabbits 
who grow up to vote, riot, loot, demonstrate,… for
forced reparations,
more taxes, 
more wars on Muslims,

Rule by the Emperor of Communist China
who financed the war against abortion
 by Republican dupes who paid taxes 
to finance their own destruction,
loss at elections,
demand for communism, globalism,...
Without firing a shot.

Communists run both Republican and Democrat parties.
Addict idiots cannot think or comprehend. 
Big TV,
Big pharma,
Big ag,
Big electronics,
GMO, CAFO, internet, 
used by Communists to take over the world.

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From: Jeff 

Subject: George Floyd obit


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