Thursday, June 18, 2020

commie extermination transgender method from China Democrat addiction machine

Get ready for blackout, no air conditioning in the heat of summer.
Long hot summer race riots, protests by brain dead snow flakes.

T mobile hit by china?
testing the system?
Other cell phones carriers went down to.
some foul up in voLTE fiber optic trunk connection.
If any true information leaks out, then shut down the media.
Only let disinformation flow to the sheeple.
Control election 2020.
Mail in ballot fraud.

Bill Gates wants to give you lethal injection vaccination.
Monitor your face every time you go public.
Facial Recognition.
Contant surveillance.

Your every move, mouse click, thought, monitored.

Every google search monitored.

If you are politically incorrect then inject you with chemicals.

Bitcoin mined in communist china.

electronics made in communist china

bill gates ally to communist china

Hollywood, disinformation, fake news media all communist

Goal is world control by the emperor.
Dictator of communist china.

If they cant control you
then exterminate you,
recycle your organs into deserving addicts.

You cannot reproduce without permission.
Chemicals dictate most become transgender.

Pod mod
commie extermination
transgender method
China Democrat addiction machines

Pod mods are a type of electronic cigarette
used to vape nicotine through a mouth piece connected to the body of the device with magnets.
Pod mods come in varying shapes and sizes
some are styled after USB flash drives

These devices are a newer generation of e-cigarettes that are often marketed to a

younger crowd that do not wish to attract attention gained through regular e-cigarettes or traditional tobacco-burning cigarettes.

Pod mods contain a disposable cartridge and have coils that cannot be removed or changed.

Pod mods were designed to provide higher nicotine delivery with a smaller amount of power than conventional e-cigarettes.

Refillable pods can be filled with nicotine salts into empty cartridges with at varying levels of nicotine often at 2.5% and a maximum of 6.0%.

The first to introduce pod mods was Pax Labs in June 2015

, and since then many companies began introducing similar products.

Research reveals potential health risks in aerosolizing nicotine salts and metal toxins that are produced.

As there are a variety of different organic compounds put into different flavours, the health risks of these are also unknown and not well-studied.

A study revealed that 80% of users ages 15-24 continually use the product after an initial trial as they do not have the adverse effects of traditional cigarettes;

these sensations include a burning throat, the distasteful flavour of smoke and the smell left on the body afterward.

However, pod mods and e-cigarettes take away some of the difficulties surrounding traditional cigarettes including no smoke,

relatively cheaper than tobacco smoke and discrete,

leaving a younger demographic more susceptible to addiction

Many police forces have militarized and this creates the image mentally of an opposing force against the people.

Suddenly, we now see the technology companies who have been so actively assisting governments to

go after the public from illegal red-light cameras

to creating systems for the police to use facial recognition software to target individuals.

Camera and facial recognition software track who is even walking down the street.

These high tech companies are suddenly realizing perhaps they have been on the wrong side of history

and it would not take much for the mob to turn against the companies that have helped create this police state.

IBM disavowed the facial recognition technology entirely and CEO Arvind Krishna condemned its use "by other vendors, for mass surveillance, racial profiling, violations of basic human rights and freedoms."

Amazon responded by putting only a one-year moratorium on police use of its Rekognition software,

closely followed by Microsoft's promise not to sell the technology to US police.

These companies have had no problem exploiting the public for profit.

These are the same technology companies who jumped at the chance of creating tracking apps for this orchestrated coronavirus all to further erode our basic human rights.

Then there is Bill Gates who wants to track every person on the planet and pushing his ID 2020 and digital vaccine markers claiming he is not destroying people's privacy.

Microsoft constantly updates windows downloading everything you look for so they can sell your computer use to companies for advertising.

This entire issue of rioting against the police is historically part of the Revolutionary Cycle.

We have already reached Stage TWO which is a serious warning of what lies ahead.


Jordan seeks new evidence about FBI actions regarding FISA abuse

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