Thursday, June 11, 2020

civil war just postponed....after the Mayors, Governors the Pentagon surrendered to the BLM movement ?

SHTF already.
Trump will be voted out or emasculated, eviscerated, if he does not drop dead.
Communist takeover.


One of his better episodes.

Look for police departments en masse to be fired or resign.

 New departments will be formed.

No Trump supporters or few white males allowed.

There will be selective enforcement of laws against only certain persons. 

Tucker is correct in that the Left has wanted control of law enforcement for decades. 

They may already have control of most of the military.

Also imo look for a balkanizing of the US.

The Left will never control certain areas of the US.

 Rural vs.urban divide

From: Lothar 
Subject: Was the civil war just postponed....after the Mayors, Governors the Pentagon surrendered to the BLM movement ?

President Trump knew it was [DECISION TIME] a big moment in history. 

(Any ATTEMPT to crush the 'Insurrection' using Military-Force [RIOTERS masking themselves as "peaceful PROTESTERS"] would have triggered a Civil War)

'BLM' is a highly organized [Obama era] movement with the backing of the leftist Democrats, their media-monopoly, and ANTIFA. 

They could turn on a dime [using social networks] to manipulate their supporters into burning the entire country down. 
(About 140 cities were violated by arson and looting within days of 'protesting')

Some Pentagon Generals took ultimately charge of the situation, 
embarrassed the President, who was willing to use the Insurrection Law to crush 'this violent regime change attempt' by the rioters/looters, risking that SUPER-BIG Confrontation !

The Generals de-escalatIng instead, by SURRENDERING to the BLM movement, which would have otherwise set off a full blown CIVIL WAR !  
(Good decision for just now) 

Stakes were that high ! 

BLM got stronger, realizing their strength and Government fears.

President Trump grudgingly caved in [he lost] realizing his opposition 'Democrats' DID NOT SHY AWAY from using violence against authority !

Police officers were quickly overwhelmed by the rioting mob, and America was burning.

As a last resort to establish Law & Order, 
the military police would have assisted the civilian police in PROTECTING the American people 
from these mad rioters and stopped the looting and the destruction of this country.

Was this all a set up to topple the president ? Another coup attempt ?

Governors/Mayors throughout the country opened their jails and prisons to let black prisoners walk. A Revolution ? 

Statues are being removed from parks.

What will happen next ?  Defund the police ? (Take down Trump's voter-base ?)

Disarm the white citizens, the patriots, police, veterans Trump supporters ?

12 Trillion Dollars in slave-restitution, they want ! 

Will they confiscate all properties, disown all white homeowners ?

We law abiding Constitutionalists, gave in....until their next demand. 

Tucker Carlson is right....they are not finished with their demands. Mayors and Police-Chiefs are scrambling to appease the powerful movement [saw it in Fresno], or their city will burn.

Nobody seems to have any backbone. 

Our leadership failed miserably ! At least no civil war.....yet !

Stay prepared !

(We all agree that RACISM HAS NO PLACE IN THIS WORLD and that a few bad apples in our police force, does NOT reflect the majority of good, sensitive, hard working police officers, who every day put their lives on the line to serve their communities)

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