Monday, June 1, 2020

Anti-Censorship” Executive Order Interview with Zach Vorhies

As you may have noticed, Charlene has been doing a series of interviews with experts on censorship.

Her latest interview is going to knock your socks off!

She just interviewed Zach Vorhies, also known as the "Google whistleblower."

Zach has done what few others have dared to do -- tell the truth about Google and "Big Tech" and their attack on our freedoms and assault on the truth.

Because of Zach, we now have proof that Google has been hiding the truth about cancer and vaccines and so much more in their search results.
In this amazing interview,

Zach also brings proof that Google is using their platform to manipulate our elections!

Join Zach and Charlene and learn more!

As you'll see in the eye-opening video, major media outlets have been suppressing one of the core values on which this country was founded: freedom of speech. Those who speak out against untested vaccines, corruption in our government, and pay-to-play chemotherapy have been labeled as "conspiracy theorists" and "quacks" and "fake news."

The censorship and tyranny ends NOW!

President Donald Trump, as of today, is signing an Executive Order to stop the censorship and restore our God-given and constitutional freedoms, including freedom of speech.

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