Sunday, May 31, 2020

Civil War, communist takeover, Negro riots. bio war. Move to less populated area, self-sufficient, clean, organic, natural

ANTIFA paying rioters?
ANTIFA paid by Soros? Communist China?  
Who pays?
Where do they get their funding?
I never saw an antifa.
Are they Chinese?  Asian?

Riots seem designed to make Trump look bad.
Remember the 1960s riots led to downfall of Democrats.
Republicans won 4 of the next 5 presidential elections!
Beginning with the election of Nixon in 1968 on a 
Law and Order Platform!

White supremacists not rioting?  
Do they exist or figment of left wing fake media?

Negroes burning down their neighborhoods?
or Communists and Democrats burning down negro homes?

Africa is not in America, contrary to the popular refrain African-American. 
Africans belong in Africa.
Black Skin is designed for equatorial hot sun in Africa.
Blacks cannot produce enough Vitamin D, NO Nitric Oxide, COQ10, or other vital chemicals.
So blacks will get corona virus and many diseases in America.
Shady characters inhabit sunny climates.

Nigerians the #1 legal immigrants to USA.  
If negroes are mistreated they would not come to USA.

Convert those immigrants to emigrants.
Convert minorities to majorities.
Fly all negroes back to Africa, free.
Fuel is cheap.
Empty planes sitting in storage as the airline industry crashes.
Help save airlines, give them business.
Fly negroes home to Africa ASAP.

Why riots now?
Distract from overhyped pandemic lockdown that drove people nuts.
Restaurants / bars overflowing in my back yard, outdoor seating 100% full.
Negroes, rest homes, fat people, sugar diabetics, HIV AIDS victims are those who get seriously sick from Wuhan corona virus.
Corona virus may soon be forgotten.
Lockdown damage will be harder to fix.

Riots after the impeachment hoax, the Ukraine hoax, Russia hoax, Mueller hoax,…

A white-black civil war a new hoax?
15% blacks kill whites.
12% whites kill blacks.
Why so much news on the lesser problem?
Official Government Statistics Table 5:

Looks like a last ditch effort to stop Trump.
Democrats stoke divisiveness to get out the black vote.
Mail in ballots for the lazy.
Easy fraud, swipe ballots, let communists fill in the ballots.

Racial conflict.
Biden strategy to win.
Biden first statement was race.
Biden was losing until Black support from South Carolina Clyburn

Riots caused by fake violence.
"I cant breathe" how can he say anything if cannot get air?
video looks staged.
Most of the activity is hidden behind car or totally vanished.
Arrest scene.  Then behind car.
Hollywood production?
Fake news to spark riots?
Murder victim got rich and laughing from his mansion in the Bahamas?

Liberal news media disintegrating for 4 years now.
Hysterical, anti-Trump.
Any news an excuse for Trump bashing,
praise of Communist China.

Ultraviolet Radiation-Induced Production of Nitric Oxide.  
UV-A has been reported to lower blood pressure, possibly through nitric oxide (NO) production in skin. 
positive effects of ultraviolet radiation lend support for sun benefits ion human health and the idea of 
"healthy sun exposure".

Hi Joe:

Will know more about China next week when trade deal comes up for agreement. 

If that fails, things will definitely get worse. 

Right now I am more worried about a race war than I am with China. 

The negroes are revolting over minor incidents with riots and looting, 
an issue that has been boiling for a long time. 

We never settled the negro question after the Civil War and it seems to be getting out of hand. 

Wonder what would have happened had the South won the Civil War?



Racial conflict.
Biden strategy to win.
Biden first statement was race.
Biden was losing until Black support South Carolina Wyden.

I suspect Soros cronies, antifa, pay for riot.
somehow $$$
Is causing the race riot to be in the news.

Hard to find evidence when culprits do not want you to.

No auditing of money, in general,
only in rare cases.

$$$$ win.

From: Ron


Have followed Rawles for several years.

Former Army intelligience. 

Predictions coming to pass.

Riots spreading to LA since late yesterday.

Has less to do with the Minn.
police victim than the Zeitgeist of the times. 

At some point if not already paid Soros anarchists will join.

Will become nonstop going into the election.

Broke Blue states holding citizens hostage
 until they receive Federal money
citizens vote blue,
 and Trump is out.


On Thu, May 28, 2020, 6:22 AM joe 

Covid pandemic mostly fake news so far, 
but Communist China sees weakness 
and will be sending more bat viruses to USA.
Add to human diseases in USA already.
Worse flu seasons, weak vaccinated population, sitting diseases,...

USA already has lots of other problems 
Race riots, Food shortages, Smog, Pesticides, Junk Food,…

Civil war already underway?

Makes more populated areas less desirable.
More people = more problems.

Less populated areas have less viruses 
less human transmitted diseases.
less riots, smog, pollution….

Cheaper too, 
and often good food sources.

Why pay more to live in a big city and die sooner?

But less populated areas may have 
more ticks, bears, wolves, deer,…
crop dusters,
agricultural pollution, pig shit,
worse weather,
worse medical care,
leading to early death.
Especially older people must make sure there is good medical care within walking distance of home.  

Often less food, jobs, services, housing, utilities, water, food, ...

Must study geography careful to choose the best survival location.

The reason for low population is some problems in the area 
why people did not flock in before.

Large populations are found where it is easier to stay alive and reproduce.
But there are booms and busts.
Often underpopulated areas become overpopulated.
 Such as Fresno paving over valuable farmland to build the poorest large city in California, 
the new East Los Angeles that continues its downward spiral, homeless, crime,… potential riots.

Then overpopulated areas become underpopulated such as migration out of Detroit.

If you choose a less populated are make sure there are enough services there to stay alive.

It is hard to run away from problems.
If your problems are internal you will just take your problems with you.

If you can't read or cook or think or exercise then you will have problems any where you go.

Be prepared to work, do some gardening, gathering, building, hunting, fishing, physical labor and mental labor,
 learning how to survive without constant help from the government and rich trying to rip you off.

The American Redoubt is a political migration movement first proposed in 2011

 by survivalist novelist and blogger James Wesley Rawles

 which designates three states 

as a safe haven for conservative, 
libertarian-leaning Christians and Jews.

 Rawles chose this area due to its low population density and lack of natural hazards

a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, summed up one motivation for the movement: 

"For a growing number of people, it's the designated point of retreat when the American economy hits the fan. 

When banks fail, the government declares martial law, the power grid goes down."

The same article identified Rawles as "the guru of the movement".

 Summarizing one of his reasons for formulating the relocation strategy, Rawles stated:
 "I'm often asked why I make such a 'big deal' about choosing 

conservative Christians, Messianic Jews, or Orthodox Jews for neighbors. 

The plain truth is that in a societal collapse 
there will be a veritable vacuum of law enforcement. 

In such times, with a few exceptions,
 it will only be the God-fearing that will continue to be law-abiding.
 Choose your neighborhood wisely."

The American Redoubt concept is based primarily around the Rawlesian Survivalist Philosophy
 including the precept "Racism Ignores Reason". 

Rawles is outspokenly anti-racist and pro-Israel.

 Rawles published a blog entry in 2010 titled "Lest Any Man Should Boast: A Christian Survivalist Perspective on Race, Religion, and Reason", 

in which he stated that he was opposed to racism due to his Christian faith. 

He covered at length his views that people are individuals and that there is no inherent superiority among races.

 He observed that certain races have different genetics, but those do not matter before God. 

The only thing that matters when he meets his maker, he contended, was whether he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior.

In an interview by G. Jeffrey MacDonald published by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Rawles was quoted as saying: 

"It's time to distance ourselves from the vile corruptness that we see inside the Washington, D.C., Beltway …

 [The American Redoubt movement] is analogous to the Puritan exodus (from Europe). 

They couldn't fit in and said, 'We're going to move to completely virgin territory and start afresh.' … 

In effect, we're becoming pistol-packing Amish."

 Rawles advocates a gradual demographic consolidation through political migration to the American Redoubt, 
but predicts that the federal government will "hammer" any states that attempt to secede under the current political order.

 "People who recognize that they are of the [Christian] remnant,
 that they are God's elect, 
will in increasing numbers choose to vote with their feet."

In 2011, the American Redoubt concept was endorsed by 2008 Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin, 
who had relocated his entire extended family to western Montana.

It also soon inspired the launch of a weekly podcast by 
Christian Libertarian journalist John Jacob Schmidt,
 called Radio Free Redoubt,
 and a volunteer network of amateur radio operators 
AmRRON (the American Redoubt Radio Operators Network) 
established in 2012.

 It also inspired the launch of the blog and weekly podcast by Alex Barron, called the Charles Carroll Society,
Barron, a black Catholic Libertarian journalist, is the self-proclaimed "Bard of the American Redoubt"
 who speaks from a Traditional Catholic, Constitutional Conservative, American Patriot viewpoint.
 In 2013, he opined:
[Rawles] coined the term American Redoubt to explain this concept. 
The American Redoubt a simple concept, it is called political migration. 
... There are many groups who have done this over the years including the Puritans; Native Americans moving West to escape the European colonization
 (I guess forced ethnic cleansing, but again I hope you get the point), 
Americans of African descent escaping the Southern forced racial apartheid system (racial migration?).
 Many, many groups move because of various reasons including political reasons. 
The American Redoubt is libertarian leaning Christian and Jewish traditionalist 
politically migrating from militant progressive secular states 
that are becoming increasingly hostile to their Christian based western culture.

In February 2012,
 The Seattle Times characterized the American Redoubt movement as appealing to "a growing number of people" 
but concluded that as of that time "not all that many so far" had actually moved to the area.

 In April 2012, the business/arts columnist for The Ferry County View, a weekly newspaper in Republic, Washington(
 was critical of the Redoubt movement, characterizing it as driven by fear.
in 2013, The 700 Club aired a news segment that favored the American Redoubt relocation concept. 
In an aside, the news story mentioned how the growth of the movement has even inspired the minting of silver coins.

2013, Christian Broadcasting Network completed a featured television news segment and accompanying article on the American Redoubt titled 
Redoubt: Northwest a Haven for Dismayed Americans.
 In the article they noted "... Some conservative American Christians are so dismayed with direction of the country that they're looking for a safe place for their families. 
They call it the 'American Redoubt.'"
"I think that people recognize that tough times are coming. 
And it's time to think about their situation,
 it's time to think about how they live now, 
and the security of their family, 
the stability of society 
and how they are going to relate to that …

 But I'm finding something else, too." 
. "That is that more and more people are resonating with this idea of 
getting back to the land, 
of living a simple, 
more natural way."

It is unclear how many people have moved because of the American Redoubt concept. 

in 2014, 
James Rawles estimated the number
...well into the thousands, but it is difficult to quantify,
 because the vast majority of the people who are moving are preppers, 
who are by their nature very circumspect.
 However look at admittedly anecdotal evidence such as the growth of Liberty Fellowship church in Kalispell, Montana 
where the growth has been phenomenal, 
and many of the families are moving from far outside of the Redoubt states.

Rawles does not provide figures for what he terms "phenomenal" growth of the church, 
 some recent meetings were attended by more than 1,000 people.

Evolution of the movement
comparing advocates of the American Redoubt to survivalists, 
with the difference being that the Redoubters have
 "become the shock troops for the Tea Party and openly support certain candidates."
 Carlson also claimed that the political migration to western states like Idaho, Montana and Wyoming 
has been driven by Redoubters seeking to be free from the federal government 
and that while they disavow racism, they have chosen a location where there are no minorities.

2016 article about the movement in The Economist magazine 
mentioned that "thousands of families" have now migrated to the American Redoubt 
and that the movement is "quietly gaining steam."

 Indeed, the election of Donald Trump has spurred on the movement.

 In 2017 the Inlander said "But increasingly, they [Preppers] see more political violence in big cities, 
and more of a divide between rural and urban environments. 

The left's reaction to Donald Trump's presidency, 
they feel, has deepened the divide, 
making the day they've been preparing for seem ever more imminent."

In a Chicago Tribune article  2016, noted
It is impossible to know exactly how many people have come over the past few years,
 but newcomers,
 real estate agents,
local officials and others said it was in the hundreds,
 or perhaps even a few thousand, across all five states.

 Here, they live in a pristine place of abundant water and fertile soil, 
far from urban crime,
 free from most natural disasters and populated predominantly by conservative,
 mostly Christian people with a live-and-let-live ethos and local governments with 
a light regulatory touch and friendly gun laws.

Political influence
As of 2016,
 Republican Party politics in Idaho's northernmost legislative district have been pulled farther to the right in recent years 
with the arrival of conservative Christian "preppers" fleeing more populated states.
2014 two ultraconservative state legislators were elected from the district: 
Reps. Heather Scott, R-Blanchard, and 
Sage Dixon, R-Ponderay. 

Voices of the movement
There are three primary outlets for the American Redoubt movement. James Rawles' blog
 regularly covers Redoubt news and focuses on preparedness
 "how to" guides. 

John Jacob Schmidt's blog Radio Free Redoubt and his radio show out of Spokane, Washington, 
carries news and commentary often focused on the American Redoubt.

 The Charles Carroll Society and podcast by Alex Barron 
which focuses on politics and commentary related to the American Redoubt 
and the many traditional Catholics located there.

cheap apartments, condos, houses: college disinformation centers closing

Oil states Texas Alaska Oklahoma Dakota will collapse the worst.
big ball game colleges bad hurt no fans, no games, no money.

Look for cheap apartments in college towns.
Colleges will unwind over several years.

Will be in the news in september,

by October big price cutting.

By january really big bargains will show up near most colleges.
Will get cheaper and cheaper over several years, even decades.

Huge price collapses in some areas.
so cheap homeless will move in.

utilities, maintenance will not happen.
cities go bankrupt.

No jobs.

single family house best option in the worst areas,
live off savings and retirement or low pay jobs.


Impact on colleges will be immense.
University of Minnesota is near the negro riots.

Many colleges are very left wing.
Will have to close.
No money.

Colleges will have to get back in the business of education.
Less parties.
Become essential, not unessential.

Colleges are looking more like airports,
or Jack in the Box fast food.
Students pop in, sit down, goof off, chit-chat,
go home,
go to ball games,
buy expensive text books that are dumbed down,
never read books,
study little,
learn little.

End up with huge college debts and no jobs!

system has to change!

Looking for bailouts from Trump?


Colleges across the nation are scrambling to close deep budget holes
and some have been pushed to the brink of collapse
after the coronavirus outbreak triggered financial losses
that could total more than $100 million at some institutions.

Scores of colleges say they're taking heavy hits as they refund money to students for housing, dining and parking after campuses closed last month.

Many schools are losing millions more in ticket sales after athletic seasons were cut short,
and some say huge shares of their reserves have been wiped out amid wild swings in the stock market.

Yet college leaders say that's only the start of their troubles:
Even if campuses reopen this fall, many worry large numbers of students won't return.

There's widespread fear that an economic downturn will leave many Americans unable to afford tuition,

and universities are forecasting steep drop-offs among international students
who may think twice about studying abroad so soon after a pandemic.

"If you play out the scenarios that are out there, it really makes you nervous,"

San Jose State University, which estimates it will lose $16 million by the end of May.

"We may be looking at cutting academic programs if it comes to it.
We may be looking at laying off people.
It's a dire situation if the worst comes to pass."

Dozens of colleges have instituted hiring freezes,
and many are halting construction projects so they have enough money to pay employees.

But university presidents say the savings will only stretch so far,
and many are asking the federal government for a second stimulus package to avoid deeper cuts.

The $2 trillion rescue bill signed by President Donald Trump last month provides $14 billion for higher education.

The American Council on Education, an association of college presidents, had requested $50 billion and called the package
"woefully inadequate."

"This crisis is causing massive disruption to students, institutional operations and institutional finances.

On some campuses, it is creating an existential threat, potentially resulting in closures,"

Even colleges with deep reserves are expecting a painful financial blow from the pandemic.

Brown University was among the first to announce a hiring freeze, citing "dramatic reductions in revenue."

Yale University followed on March 31, asking departments to update budgets in preparation of a "significant loss" in revenue.

The University of California, Berkeley,
and the University of Wisconsin, Madison,
each expect losses of about $100 million,
and that's assuming campuses reopen by this fall.

It leaves some colleges wondering if they can meet demand for financial aid,
which is expected to surge as millions of Americans lose their jobs.

Many schools draw from their endowments to pay for scholarships,
faculty jobs and campus operations,
but those reserves have taken deep losses as markets tumble.

Bucknell University in Pennsylvania says it has lost $150 million from its endowment after recent investment losses.

At the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts,
the endowment has dropped by 15% and officials fear a similar drop in fundraising.

"Financial aid is going to be a bigger hit this year,"
. "We're going to be looking at all current expenditures and going through them with a fine-tooth comb."

Perhaps the greatest question for colleges is fall enrollment.

Recent surveys have found that large shares of high school seniors plan to take a gap year before starting college.

At the same time, colleges have been forced to cancel campus visits and other events designed to court students.

It's a major concern for colleges that have come to rely on international students, especially those from China.

At the University of Connecticut, which hosted nearly 3,000 students from China last fall,
officials are bracing for international enrollment to drop by 25% to 75%, a loss of up to $70 million next year.

Still, the financial shock is likely to be strongest at
smaller private colleges
and regional public universities,
which hold smaller reserves
and run on leaner budgets.

Some are adding significant costs to move classes online
even as they lose revenue.

"It's this major double whammy with multiple hits on the revenue side and new hits on the cost side,"
"I'm afraid we're going to lose some private institutions.
I have no idea how many, but many were operating on the margin already.",

At Benedict College, a historically black school in Columbia, South Carolina, officials expect to lose $2 million in housing refunds out of a $52 million budget.
was already under financial strain, is looking for ways to cut costs
and says it will pursue layoffs if needed.
"We have to think clearly about the future of the institution,"
school of 2,000 students.
"The notion of refunding an amount this significant would cripple the institution,
there's no doubt."

Mississippi's Millsaps College, which has fought to maintain enrollment in recent years,
expects to refund $1 million in housing fees out of $33 million in yearly revenue.
Amid uncertainty around the fall, the school's faculty and staff have been making daily calls to help attract prospective students.

Other colleges face more pressing threats to their survival.
At Central Washington University, a public university of 12,000 students,
the school's governing board has declared a "state of financial exigency"
authorizing the school's president to take any action to stay afloat,
including faculty layoffs.

And for some schools, the latest losses have proved insurmountable.

MacMurray College, a private school in Jacksonville, Illinois, announced that it will close permanently after this spring.
Disruption caused by COVID-19 wasn't the only factor in the decision, officials said, but it "complicated" the school's financial health.

Other schools are postponing campus maintenance
and asking faculty to cancel future travel,
but some say layoffs are unavoidable.

At Miami University in Ohio, which is bracing for a 20% drop in new students, officials are drafting plans that would cut half or all of the school's visiting assistant professors.

the president at San Jose State, has urged Congress to provide additional aid to help avoid damaging cuts.
Her college will try to prevent layoffs,
but needs to do "whatever it takes" to survive.

"This is what we had in 2008, but many times worse,"
referring to the Great Recession.

"The hurt is deeper this time, and the recovery period will be longer.

And there will be many students who are lost or injured because of it."


The effects of the coronavirus on higher education have been profound.

Students are taking their courses totally online.

Dorms have shuttered,
forcing many students to move home.

the admissions process has been disrupted.

All of this
—along with the economic downturn
—has left colleges across the country on shaky financial footing.

And it might get worse.

The shift to online instruction might seem easy to some, but it's less than simple.

For many schools without a large online presence,
that means spending money with a vendor
to build out the needed infrastructure
to have all courses online.

Because most students and faculty aren't on campus anymore,
some schools have had to purchase laptops and other technology
to help them in this transition.

But technology won't be the only cost.
Students were told to leave campus due to the public health concerns of the virus.
Many of those students will likely seek refunds of their room and board charges for the remainder of the academic year.
Some students have already sued their colleges demanding the refunds,
some even want refunds for tuition.
Cash strapped colleges will have a hard time balancing a budget
if they lose a massive amount of revenue they were relying on
this late in the academic year.

Congress passed the CARES Act to provide relief from the coronavirus
and it allocated money for colleges and students.

It sent grants to colleges with half to provide emergency grants directly to students for basic needs expenses,
like housing, health care, and technology.
(Those grants can't be used to cover housing refunds.)

The other half of the grants from the CARES Act is to offset other costs from the coronavirus,
but for many schools it won't be enough to cover the costs of technology, housing refunds, and more.
Colleges have already asked Congress for more money.

And worse, colleges and universities are now looking down the road to a likely recession.
It's unclear what a recession will mean for enrollment this time around.
Normally, college enrollment spikes in recessions
as people seek to reskill for the new economy.
Or they choose to enroll given the poor job prospects,
though they wouldn't have otherwise.

But families feeling uncertainty around the economy right now might decide against enrolling
— or at least consider a gap year.

But recessions can mean a litany of other negative impacts on college campuses.
If enrollment rises, under-resourced schools could be stretched thin trying to support significantly more students that normal.

The economic impacts of a recession can also hurt schools.
As the market drops, so do college endowments.
A weak economy can also mean that donors are less able or willing to provide the support colleges and universities rely on to fund scholarships, buildings, and more.

Recessions can also mean serious state budget cuts that often lead to budget cuts for public higher education.

It could even mean less money for state-based financial aid for students.

That, of course, leads to higher tuition bills for students and families and tighter budgets for schools.

In recent years, some college campuses have closed their doors for good.
A financial crisis in higher education could cause several more campuses to close, particularly those already struggling.
Abrupt closures are very problematic for students,
leaving them in the lurch as they try to continue their education.

It also disrupts the communities where the colleges are based,
especially in rural communities where the institution is often one of the biggest employers.

Policymakers are considering more relief from the coronavirus and higher education
should be one of the major industries considered because without some assistance,
students and families will likely experience serious disruptions.

Some colleges have already announced layoffs, furloughs, and pay cuts.

This will only continue if the fall comes with more social distancing and economic fallout.

German virus 'guru' in crosshairs of lockdown critics - President Trump calls for all good American People, Patriots, to arm themselves -

 German virus 'guru' in crosshairs of lockdown critics -

 "Trust me, I'm a doctor." 

- President Trump calls for all good American People, 

Patriots, to arm themselves -

But hostility towards the virologist has since snowballed. 

An image circulating on social media showed the faces of Drosten and Nazi doctor Josef Mengele side by side, with the caption:

"Trust me, I'm a doctor."

The heavily left [deep state controlled]
propaganda magazine 'Der Spiegel'

Banksters in panic attempting to STRIP President Trump of his 'Twitter Platform', 

his only, normally uncensored OUTLET of 'FREE SPEECH' to the American people.

Of course to PREVENT the president from communicating THE TRUTH to his [~51%] supporters,

  his base,

 in this very important ELECTION YEAR ! 

(dirty politics)

(The globalist Mafia hopes, a muffled president can't communicate,

 and their propaganda-media will overwhelmingly manipulate the people to their end and vote Trump out)

Trump of course is furious,


 interference in the election.

President Trump calls for all good American People, Patriots, to arm themselves.

When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

Klobuchar declined to prosecute. Fiery Minneapolis Destruction Caused by Riots in Memory of George Floyd

The police officer who held his knee to George Floyd's neck had previous excessive force complaints,

 and several media outlets reported Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., had declined to prosecute him in 2006.

Klobuchar was a state prosecutor in Minneapolis for eight years and declined to prosecute multiple officers for excessive force, 
according to The Washington Post,

 including Derick Chauvin, The Guardian reported.

When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !
From: Simply Patriot 

: See Fiery Minneapolis Destruction Caused by Riots in Memory of George Floyd
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Images, Video: See Fiery Minneapolis Destruction Caused by Riots in Memory of George Floyd

Dem Sen. Klobuchar Had Declined to Prosecute Floyd's Killer

Gordon Chang to Newsmax TV: China Attacking US Relentlessly

Tech Billionaires Planning Boost to Biden's Digital Campaigning

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civil war, communist rule, coronavirus is hyped. we've stepped into Orwellian NAZI Germany

From: Ron

By the time the hype is revealed to the majority of persons we will be well into the next phase of the warming civil war.

This is why I am less and less interested in the origins or etiology of C19 

and instead attempting to look around the next bend in the road.

I know where this is going 

I just have to see each phase unfold to get the overall strategy of the enemy.


On Fri, May 29, 2020, 7:23 AM joe 
This is exactly my opinion.
And my worry about increasing attacks by the government.
Forced blood draws, 
vaccinations, etc.

Oregon hippies,
Austin Texas
 and other places are anti-vax.
from the beginning.
My race?, religion, 
Scots-Irish race fought the establishment 2000 years since the Roman colony of London, England.

"I'm from the government.
I am here to help you"

From: Greg

The new coronavirus is real. 
The response to the coronavirus is hyped. 
And in time, this hype will be revealed as politically hoaxed. 

In fact, COVID-19 will go down as one of the political world's biggest, most shamefully overblown,
 overhyped, overly and irrationally inflated 
and outright deceptively flawed responses to a health matter in American history, 

one that was carried largely on the lips of medical professionals 

who have no business running a national economy or government.

 The facts are this: COVID-19 is a real disease that sickens some, proves fatal to others, mostly the elderly — and does nothing to the vast majority. 
That's it. 
That, in a nutshell, is it. 

(Editor's note: It's becoming clear that something is very much amiss in the way this whole virus "pandemic" is being played out.

The Georgia Department of Public Health has announced that it, the United Sates Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),

 and county health boards are together sending teams of government agents 
to randomly selected homes in two Georgia counties. 

These teams of government agents are charged with asking questions, including about household members' health, and extracting blood from all the people living in the homes.

 The purpose is to test for "antibodies to the novel coronavirus to pinpoint who might have had COVID-19 and estimate how widely the virus has traveled."

 People who live at the 420 randomly selected homes are free to refuse the questioning and blood drawing by the government inquisition and phlebotomy teams that show up at their front doors.

 But, in reality, people often find it hard to muster the courage to say "no" to government agents who accost them in person "asking" them to comply. 

People are intimidated. 

They think that even if they say "no" the requested action will still be taken anyway plus they will suffer additional consequences for resisting. 

That aids police efforts both to get people to say incriminating things and to obtain "permission" to search people and property, even from people who know evidence of a crime is likely to be found. 

A CNN report by Dakin Andone shows that the government teams knocking on doors are employing some of the look of cops in their effort to obtain maximum voluntary compliance. 

Uniforms, government badges, official letters are all part of the process, just like when cops show up for a home search holding a warrant.

one writes: "Health workers conducting the survey have CDC vests and badges, the news release said, and are carrying a letter from the CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health." 

This looks like a program that could expand countrywide.

 In fact, it fits in well with moving into a forced vaccinations and "digital certificates" 
next phase of the coronavirus crackdown. 


From: Ron

Press is fanning the flames. 

Blue politicians are backing the rioters (called protestors.)

 Covid will vacate the headlines and race riots will supplant.

 Soros' paid agitators will hit the ground. 

Full war is on with tech media.

Attempt will be made to blackout Trump tweets.

Similar to taking out the enemies' communications grid prior to the main event.

We are going to the next phase of asymmetrical warfare.Political impeachments to the plandemic to street war.

State guards will be activated. 

Trump will nationalize guard as commander and chief.

"Racist" nationalized guard will become the next enemy of "the people." 

Blue governors will bring in globalist controlled UN for "human rights violations."

 Civil war before November.


Hong Kong – The Matchstick to War?

Important read.

Not being covered by the captured US press.

 China's President has called on Chinese to

 " prepare for military conflict."


The US-China tensions over Hong Kong are boiling over. 

The US government is reportedly considering imposing sanctions on Chinese firms 

and officials over China's new national security laws for Hong Kong, 

which have already re-ignited anti-Beijing protests in the city.

The UK government has also raised concerns over Chinese state TV reporting on the new measures, 

and Hong Kong residents seeking to circumvent the "great firewall" 
are downloading privacy-protecting VPNs at a record pace. 

Meanwhile, China's President Xi Jinping is calling on the country to prepare for military conflict.

The primary deterrent to war is ECONOMICS.

 This coronavirus scam has crashed the global economy. 

With the prospect of reduced trade, 

recession in China will escalate and 

 will only create anti-West feelings 

and will further the trend toward war.

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