Wednesday, April 15, 2020

War between ‘deep state stooges’ and the president Trump

Media pundits scare cowardly democrats into staying home instead of voting.
Brave republicans will vote.
Functional red states will vote.
Dysfunctional blue states may not be able to hold an election.
Why democrats screaming for mail-in ballots, etc.

Media constant Trump bashing and entertainment and fear porn may backfire and elect Trump
if whipped up hysteria does not lead to actual voting by indoctrinated left wing sheeple addicts.

Beware of who counts the votes and how elections are conducted.
Go to your county clerk and volunteer to count votes.

The novel Corona Virus is weak.
You maybe already had it and did not notice it.
You can increase your odds of survival of this virus and other viruses by diet, exercise, sun, and social distancing.
I have been doing this since the 1970s athletes foot fungus, colds, flu… with some failed experiments.
Choice of geographical location and herd to graze with very important.
Clean air, water…
Bright sun kills germ.
Heat and humidity kills corona virus.
Dry cold air dehumidifies the virus making it light.
So it floats in the air into your lungs.
Hard like a bullet, penetrates the lining and makes you sick.
All colds and flus work like that.
Stay away from people and you don't get it.
I have always been wary of bars, restaurants, ball games, especially in winter.
Puzzled why people go there, must be desperately lonely, fleeing TV at home.

Pandemic a good time to study sheeple behavior.
Hilarious misinformation on how to avoid the virus.
Endless disinformation on TV, cable, videos, articles turned up by google search.
Organized takeover of world democratic governments.
May not work if counter-conspirators survive.

Obesity a key marker for who is to be exterminated.
Fattening dementia control system developed over the last 100 years by systems:
GMO CAFO junk food diet, electronics, TV, radio, ads, games, computers, sit on butt in fast cars, planes,…
Fun to watch extermination plots break down in the first planned pandemic.

Ghetto people organizing conspiracies that do not go as planned because
ghetto people cannot figure out why
ghetto people are repeatedly living in heavily impacted ghettos during
ghetto people self-made crises.
Drown in their own filth as Hitler said.

Cancel elections until after the Pandemic?

From Ron:

The plan by Dems now is clearly takedown of the main street economy until after the elections.

CIA economist Jim Rickards stated Trump had a 90% chance of reelection before C19.

That probability has been reset at 50%.

Trump will continue to make helicopter drops to co op Sanders supporters and entice Americans in general.

Trump's winning had been predicated on maintaining a 2.5% GDP.

I expect as we approach November additional phases will be added to this very coordinated plan by

New viruses.

Martial law and lockdowns as persons attempt to leave what amounts to house arrest.

Large Red electoral states such as Texas will be targeted.

20 seats needed.

Don't think they will be successful.

Expect the US to Balkanize as the Soviet Union did beginning 1991.

In 2016 the Globalists and Progressives never accepted Trump.

Currently neither side will accept any leadership at any level state or federal from the other.

Optimum response in general is to become more autonomous.

After truth the first victims in this fight will be the American people and their health and welfare.

Get away from the TV and prep physically and mentally with about a two year period in mind.

Our late colleague Bob Bartch was fond of Selco's writings regarding his life during the Yugoslavian conflict of the early 1990s.

They are online.

Read them!

There are no superheroes as in movies and all the bad guys are not going to be neutralized in a global mass arrest.

Imo these are theories borne in the minds of Americans who cannot or will not fathom the historical levels of man's inhumanity to man.

Americans have become soft and complacent.

Baby boomers only measure adversity as a remote construct as it affects their retirement earnings.

Millenials in a time of relative peace still seek safe spaces from the larger society.

After the phony pretext of 9/11 the US vaporized men,women, and children in dozens of countries.

The only committment Americans voluntarily had to make were social.

Ribbon stickers on minivans enroute to soccer practice.

Just my take,


From: Lothar

'The end of the beginning'...
States Plan Coordinated Reopenings...
42 dead in outbreak at Virginia nursing home...
New hot spots slow to emerge...
Obesity Single Biggest Factor In New York Hospitalizations...
Pastor who defiantly held church service dies of coronavirus...
WHO: Unclear whether patients are immune to second infection...
APPLEGOOGLE Contact Tracing to Require 'Verification'...
Scientists: Abundance Of Natural Light, Fresh Air Keys To Keeping Virus Out...
Men Stashing Sperm...
Britain to remain in lockdown till at least May 7...

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