Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Virus Economic change: Shopped at Walmart this am

Why did California waste money on high speed rail 
when they lacked face masks, ventilators, ICUs, PPEs, and easy stuff to make?
Did Biden steal face masks and smuggle them into Ukraine?
What did Biden give Ukraine and what was the total cash received?

Ghost town around here, 
much less traffic 
except for more noisy motorcycles racing up and down on the now near empty streets.

Needed attention on healthy living.  

Will be huge long term economic changes.
I have heard 50% drop in GDP immediately, then more losses.
About right.
May be a bounce back toward normalcy this summer.
Multiple oscillations on the way to the new normal.
You cannot figure out winning and losing investments 
unless you can figure out what will happen to the real economy.

It all depends on the virus 
and sheeple irrational behavior 
and media hype, mental illness, information vs disinformation...

The virus will not go away.
The virus will be incorporated into the normal cold flu season.
The virus may morph into something worse.
The virus will probably just be a worsening cold flu season.
You should avoid the virus but is mostly a risk only for the most vulnerable sheeple HIV+ gays, negroes, addicts, smokers, junk food eaters….

Huge media barrage hype to stop Trump 
will scare people away from planes, cruises, bars, movies, restaurants, ball games, etc.
Often owned and staffed by democrats.
Democrats destroying their own economy.
while Republican red flyover deplorables will become more important in the new economy.
Farmers, truckers, nurses, janitors, cleaners,… essential workers, with combat pay.
Dairies dumping milk around here due to demand falloff as groceries limit sales.

Will never get back to old normal, 
but after a few years may get half back to a new normal.  
Millions of jobs will not return, will have to retrain.
Over half of the economy was fake, fluff, non-essential make-work that are best gotten rid of.
I have been amazed at this idiocy for decades 
exploding since 2010 to mass hallucination extermination.

Many fake jobs will continue for a year or two 
until state budgets get clobbered and 
fake politically correct public sector jobs are eliminated that pay well.
Unless the Federal Government prints money to keep fake government employees "working", doing unproductive or destructive activities.
Minimum wage tourism cruise hotel… jobs are already clobbered.

People will quickly adjust, and some trends will continue.
More electronics, stay at home, eat simpler, easier, take care of their own kids, less car crashes.
More guns, ethanol, alcohol for home use sterilization and intoxication.
Drug dealing, money laundering evaporating.
Less need for police unless you are in a democrat minority area.  

Home shopping and home delivery more common.
60 years ago home delivery of milk, eggs, bread, newspapers was common.
Large muscular milkman would bring large glass bottles of milk to front door in big heavy wooden crates.
Glass bottles returned, washed, reused, minimal energy impact on environment.
Can easily go back to that.

May be a return of the family farm where people lived independently out in the rural areas and took bus to school.
But many skills lost and low IQ cannot do much so most sheeple will warehouse in existing housing and watch TV getting stupider, lazier than ever.

Uber Lyft taxi cabs should be convertibles or motorcycles with fresh air blowing any virus away.

USA manufactured most essentials until Bill Clinton Walmart 1990s shipped most jobs to China and poor countries.
Quality also fell on many items.
USA needs to learn how to make things again.

Financial markets will slowly adjust to the new economy.
Most investments were made to support waste, fluff, fake jobs, environmentally destructive activities.
Will be huge oscillations and bankruptcies as the economy moves to the new normal.

From: Ron

Same at HEB in Texas.

 Police standing at entrance. 

More spare magazines and equipment than an Army Ranger.

(Texas cops are very serious).

Norma's cousin's raise champion rabbits for show on three acres in a gated community.
 Now raising them for food.

I can foresee one scenario Joe describes as a quick ordeal 
and then some normalcy 
and depressed food prices with an overabundance of food on shelves. 

Similar to the Y2K scare of 20 years ago.

The other scenario which I am leaning to is a prolonged series of cataclysms related or not to C19.

We are about 288 days from an election which I foresee as at least as violent as the 1960s. 

Trump's strong point and also vulnerability is the economy.

Expect more Black Swans from the right field aimed at the retail economy and indirectly at supply chains.

The dollar continues strong relative to other currencies.

All depends on confidence in the issuing central government. 

Keynesian economic theory whereby money supply determines the value of money is incorrect with trillions of dollars digital and physical being created. 

Current low money velocity simply increases dollar demand. 

Baltic Dry Index at an all time low. 

In sum am glad we live in a libertarian rural area. 

Many informed persons including retired CIA or DHS are creating self sufficient farms far from urban chaos.

Whether C19 or political violence avoid large blue urban jurisdictions with hordes of government dependent persons including released felons with no incomes.

Large segments of those persons have been conditioned by Progressives 
to despise other groups as scapegoats for their misfortunes 
and to hate the central government.

In California gangbangers are entering markets and taking what they want while taunting police at the exits. 

Laws have been liberalized due to economic constraints.

This is disingenuously represented as humanitarian. 

Have gotten these eyewitness reports for about two years. 

Many gangbangers have admitted they relish the increased opportunity of chaos in the streets.

Just my take,

On Tue, Apr 7, 2020, 8:23 AM John 

Went in during senior hour, 6am to 7.

Very few shoppers, 
got everything on my list, 
shelves fairly well stocked except TP. 
Snatched one 24 mega roll pack.

Pharmacy was no line, immediately waited on.

Escape made before many others came in. 

Masks were common but not required. 

A few Walmart employees wore them but most didn't.

The entrance was controlled but no line when I entered.

Roads, no one there but an occasional car.

About 12 cases of Corona Virus in our county 
and less in the county south.


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