Thursday, April 2, 2020

U.S. Economy Collapses, Authorities Warn That The Unthinkable May Soon Become Reality

Many needed economic changes are now forced by this mild virus as some sheeple finally catch on.
SHTF could be far worse as I told the blonde in 2004 a billion dead people easily.
Can have multiple SHTFs at the same time — get ready now.

Been a preoccupation of mine since high school.  
My father moved us onto a Fruit Nut farm central valley south of Visalia in the 1960s 
He was constantly warning of the need for productive farmland in the coming depression.
I decided on Missouri / Arkansas in 1988 business trip where I spoke at conference with Bill Clinton.

Finally bought a condo in 2007 and later a farm posted at  

Now looking for a more remote farm without highway where criminals can shoot at me working in the fields or steal my animals.
My ancestors survived "Bleeding Kansas" and anarchy following the Civil War.
Appointed Justice of the Peace = "Sheriff + Judge" of the county.
Better off than most families in the great depression land + food + jobs + remoteness.  
It is still possible to survive.

From: Ron

Greg Hunters interview with Michael Pento adds details to Snyders article.

Up to 40% unemployment. 

Easily 30-35%. 

Approximately 15% of businesses are zombie corporations having been cut out of the credit market.

The Fed is now buying new issue corporate bonds for the first time since the inception of the Fed.

Moody's reporting the average pension is down 20% in 2020 BEFORE C19 and Negative rates in the US.

The Toyota plant in south San Antonio has closed.

 I worry about Americans being mesmerized by C19 and missing the sucker punches from:


Complete supply chain breakdown

Possible attack from an external enemy such as China.(see the interview with John Moore I emailed yesterday)

Civil war as described and feared by Chuck Norris.

Please make contingency plans for any and all events.

Only watching CNN / ABC,etc. for hrs.
wearing an N95 mask may not be in one's longterm interest.

 Stay ahead of the sheeple curve.

Am sad to say the preppers and "conspiracy theorists" had it right.


John J
Here's a good summary of everything that about the virus in the situation.

Face mask should be worn.

Depression levels ahead.

Barter economy already started.



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