Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Unprecedented Power Grab | Armstrong Economics

raised the stakes profoundly toward civil war. 

You have to wonder if someone like Bill Gates is really stupid with respect to economics, 

or is he deliberately trying to further the same agenda he supported for Climate Change – reduce population and shut down the industry?

 live in a Democratic state where they want 100% lockdown, fines, and/or imprisonment if you walk outside while telling neighbors to report on you as if this were East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

 found their parents go into a hospital for one thing expecting them to die and then they suddenly change the cause of death to 

COVID-19 out of the clear blue sky 

causing many to question what is really going on.

While we are all in prison since home confinement if a punishment inflicted by courts, 

we face the most amazing power grab in all recorded history 

thanks to socialism which authorizes the government 
to pretend to "care" for our well being as long it is profitable. 

This is one of the greatest rearrangements of power in modern history unfolding before our eyes
—and governments are counting of scaring-the-hell out of people
 to ensure we're too overwhelmed to do anything about it.

Since January, elites sold their entire stock and bond portfolios and went to cash. 

I know 100% that they were even tipped off to do so without necessarily outlining the objectives just stating there was this virus.

 Over the past weeks, governments have used this virus to expand their powers in unprecedented ways all in an amazing effort to save us from certain doom.

In Thailand, the government seized the power to censor the media.

 In South Korea, we find officials began using people's cellphone, credit-card, and GPS records to track patients with COVID-19 in real-time, all to ensure they would know everyone's contacts. 

Taiwan is tracking people under home quarantine in real-time. 

Other governments are using cellphone location data to monitor people's movements. 

Taiwan has total, some 55,000 people are being kept at home through a "digital fence."

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