Friday, April 3, 2020

Rush limbaugh_coronavirus_lockdown_isnt_sustainable

In the hills where I live life is normal.

No masks.

People in trucks going to work.

I agree with Steele the blue jurisdictions are hyping. 

Have also noticed with Progressives they believe most everything on CNN and do what they are told.

They debate on FB how best to comply
Information offered never goes beyond the parameters of what is given on CNN/

The striking feature of this "pandemic"
 is unlike past threats to the nation 
the US this time is not coming together. 

The extreme polarization remains.

Affluent NYC Progressives fleeing the city for rural areas where they are not welcome.

Two disparate groups in the US occupying the same geographical area that refuse to share power. 

Not the North vs South Civil War dichotomy.

More like the former Yugoslavia that broke into internecine warfare when the iron fist of Tito was removed.

Prior to Tito at the outset of WW2 Serbs,
and Muslims had engaged in internecine warfare for centuries.

With the German invasion of Yugoslavia old hatreds flared again. 

Have often wondered 
if a foreign power such as China took advantage of our present state 
and invaded 
our fragile peace between Populists and Progressives would vanish.

The Left per their current statements and actions would side with the Chinese much the same as Croats and Muslims with Nazi Germany.

Populists would become guerilla freedom fighters. 

Just a morning thought over coffee,


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