Sunday, April 26, 2020

Rich 1% enrichment Bonanza Inside the Economic Rescue Package

The devil is in the details.
Nobody reads the fine print that determines whether they live or die.
Nobody reads much anyway, they just watch screens.

Rich getting richer
Poor getting poorer

Globalists, rich, Bankers won.
You may get a check
but the rich get much, much more.

Sheeple will never demand an accounting.
Sheeple will accept starvation if the TV electronic screen says to do so.
Or Vaccine injections.
Or 5G.
It is all their religion nowadays.

They do not need conspiracies.
They can do everything in plain sight
sheeple will follow instructions
and turn off their economic life support system,
and pay for their own destruction,

Easier than reading fine print.
They never learned to read
Only watch screens

From: Joe 

 Tax-Break Bonanza Inside the Economic Rescue Package.

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