Friday, April 24, 2020

reverse raising alarms to reopening country

I probably got the virus in January 
from dozens of Chinese students arrived from China over Xmas holiday 
in the College gym and library and computer rooms.

You will not get sick if you maintain your strength and breathe thru nose and avoid crowds.
Body naturally develops immunity from mild doses of germs.
If you are weak or get too many germs then the germs will overwhelm your immune system.
Run in the sun.
Eat green vegetables.
Drink green tea.

Very weak sick modern sheeple addicted to drugs, pills, junk food, electronics, TV, driving, sugar, flour, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, …
injected with vaccines, tattoo ink from communist china, vape vaporware from communist china, 
blasted with radiation from cell phones, microwaves, air conditioners, heaters, generators, electric cars,….
Not surprising they are ready to drop dead from the first novel virus that comes along.

The virus is an political and economic event more than a medical event.

Media blown way out of proportion last ditch conspiracy to stop Trump re-election.

Destroy the economy to make Trump look bad.

Constant electronic disinformation to swing votes.

Hide financial crimes.

Hide the theft of your wealth.

The economy is a house of cards ready to topple.
Supply chains now broken and causing failures all thru the economy.

The financial system is another house of cards ready to topple.
Bankruptcies are now inevitable and will get worse the longer the flow of funds is disrupted.

Democrat blue counties seem to be more impacted.
Left wing media commit suicide?
Overdose themselves on their own fake news?

Move to a less impacted area.
Get off the grid in a less populated area.
Mild weather,
 less heating,
less cooling,
less TV cell phone towers

From: Lothar

For weeks, 
Trump played up the dangers of the coronavirus
 persuade Americans to disrupt their lives and stay home. 

Now Trump aims for a swift nationwide reopening, 
convincing people it's safe to come out 
and resume their normal lives.

 Trump reelection likely rides an economic rebound.

Can  mitigate the risk of COVID-19 
a fact of life for years to come?

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