Sunday, April 19, 2020

re: pandemic world communism, globalism. No, We Are Not “All In This Together”...

I agree.

And add:
Why do we pay to protect South Korea for 70 years while Koreans build infrastructure, internet, auto manufacturing,….
South Korea was third world in 1970s, eating barks of trees in the 1950s, starving as in North Korea.
Now they get 1GB fiber optic for $30 per month - the typical price in all developed economies.
Dark fiber is just another wire in construction as is electricity, water, sewer,...

You are overcharged for internet as are all
"the people" protected by regulatory authorities deep state FCC, Department of Energy,….
99% Sheeple are getting poorer and poorer
so the rich 1% tech titans can get richer and richer
by government approval processes.

How events happen unbeknownst, undetected by distracted sheeple.
There is not much accounting in the USA.
Even less accounting in other countries so the push for globalism.

My solution to internet speed is to ban all movies, games, and fiction during pandemics.
Netflix, Youtube, Porn, and games add up to more than 90% of all internet traffic.

Also ban flat, unlimited pricing schemes that
force you to subsidize addicts who are slowing down your internet service!
As in cable TV no alacarte pricing means you have to pay for channels you do not watch!

Also block all internet traffic to/from Communist China.
The great wall of China blocks many USA sites from Chinese.
USA should block internet traffic to China permanently or until there is fairness.

From: Rich

In my humble opinion,

"We're All In This Together," is a psyop;
to program the sheeple into mindless submission for the next wave of totalitarian compliance.

Just like, "Thank You For Your Service," obscures military aggression
benefiting the Military-Industrial Complex,
at the expense of infrastructure,
affordable housing,
reasonable medical care for all, etc.

Just like, "It's Another Pearl Harbor,"
shrouds the false-flag of 9/11/2001 into mindless acceptance of,
"Regime Change"
costing $ trillions,
at the expense of dollars better spent on citizens in our own country.

Rich L.............................out...........................

P.S. Maybe COVID-19 is just to get us to accept shitty internet service?

Mine has sucked lately.

South Korea has five times faster internet service than the U.S.
Why is that?
When we came up with it?

On Sat, Apr 18, 2020 at 2:20 AM joe
Work prevents civil war, slave revolt - gives them bread and circuses, phones,... mass distraction.
Now cooped up at home sheeple are getting madder and madder as they watch their wealth and livelihood disappear.
Politicians must re-open the economy or sheeple will riot.
Not enough cops.
Police and soldiers will join the sheeple,…
end of politicians who try to kill the economy.

Flattening the curve = postponing the curve until fall election flu season.
More illness, shutdowns, cannot hold elections.
Mass chaos, steal votes, cancelled polls, mail in ballots, throw election into courts, hanging chads,…
Will be no transition of power to new elected politicians.
Military will take over some jurisdictions.
Turn off electricity or grid workers not show up for work.
Blue state big cities will go black, riots, outright civil war.

Trump is proof that sheeple need a shepherd - a benevolent dictator who is smarter than they are.
Trump daily press briefing brilliance in contrast to idiot casting couch presstitutes masquerading as pundits.
Sheeple created the pandemic by
electing crooks to high office,
self-destructive shopping (goods made in China),
addictions (drugs made in China),
over-eating (junk food),
herding together too closely, too often,
and worshipping Hollywood stars, TV, electronics,…

Instead of studying books on how anything works: economy, engineering, courts, accountants, banks, businesses,..
The economy is the Sheeple life support system.
Shutdown the economy and sheeple will figure this out.

Trump built buildings full of life in big cities where most people live.
That requires some knowledge of many aspects of the economy.
so Trump has at least a superficial understanding
of how goods and services flow
by debt, contracts, money, people, pipes, wires, trains, trucks, electronics,…

Competing in the New York jungle Trump could spot parasites who were profiting without producing.
Pandemic a good time to label non-essential non-workers and question why they get paid at all!

People who support world communist dictatorship and worked to increase power of government.
are the same people that most despise Trump,
a strong white man who holds the most power in time of crisis.
Trump is doing a much better job than any communist conspirators could do.
Parasites become parasites because they cannot do real work,
only try to get credit for something that real workers are doing.

Communist China implodes.
As I said 20 years ago it is crazy for China convert from an agrarian economy to a big-city economy.
Billion+ sheeple jammed into towers in big cities?
Importing GMO CAFO food from USA and eat rats cats bats frogs snails snakes monkeys from everywhere?

World economy must reset -
go back to traditional family farms and simple supply chains.
Economies cannot function by centralized command and control.
Recipe for collapse, civil war, revolution, chaos, anarchy,…

Wish I kept my farm.
Reducing news watching,
back to books and computer work,
and looking for my next farm in a more remote area near here.


unlike the globalists that created this calamity in the first place.
The dark magic of chaos is that it can be used to convince otherwise peaceful people t
o support horrifying tyranny in the name of the "greater good".
Beware anyone promoting the notion that we are "all in this together";
this is the gateway to collectivism and it is a blatant lie.

As mentioned, there are establishment elites that plan to gain from this event
while the rest of us suffer;
they are NOT on our side or in our boat.

They will use the pandemic and the simultaneous economic collapse
(which they have engineered)
to maneuver the public
into abandoning their freedoms in the name of collective safety.

thrive in these types of unstable environments.
vampires seeking to bleed people dry while using the disaster as cover.
screaming at strangers walking down the street that they need to "go back home"
calling the cops on their neighbors for talking in a group bigger than two or three.
calling preppers "hoarders" and demanding that their supplies be redistributed.
revel in authoritarianism.

From: Lothar


so far....we are all doing well, thanks.

Hopefully we get through this pandemic without getting infected !

A stressful period !

Take care !

> On Apr 15, 2020, at 18:38, Ron wrote:
> The sheeple I know are sheltering in place and sewing facemasks while watching CNN.

> Everything else is conspiracy.

> The statement " we are all in this together" is intended to quell any rejection of the official version of events and mainstream acceptable response.

> "All "means all must comply.

> Hope you are well.

> I see the social fabric is beginning to fray in what amounts to house arrest in blue jurisdictions and still 15 days from May.
> Ron
> On Wed, Apr 15, 2020, 7:21 PM Lothar wrote:


> ..........The notion that "we are going to get through this together" seems to be based in the assumption that the crisis is going to move quickly,

> and if we hold tight, our sacrifice will be minimal and all will go back to the way things were before. This is simply not so.

> I highly respect the ideal of giving hope to others whenever possible.
> The Prepared

> These are the people that saw this event coming ahead of time and spent many months if not many years stocking supplies and training to survive it.

> The Prepared were smarter and had more insight into the reality of the situation than most people.

> If we were to apply evolutionary standards then The Prepared would be at the top of the food chain, the alpha species, but let's not let this go to our heads; there are many downsides to being a member of The Prepared.
> In a just world, the masses would be going to The Prepared for answers to the crisis, and some do, but overall I think The Prepared will be more hated for their predictive capabilities than admired.

> This is why prepared people have to stick together, organize and protect one another; because the day is coming when they will be targeted as enemies of the collective.
> The Unprepared

> The Unprepared are not all alike.

> There are people who are arrogant and ignored all evidence of collapse presented to them ahead of time, and now they are going to suffer for that.

> These are the people I call "grasshoppers", as in the fable of 'The Ant And The Grasshopper'.

> They danced and played all summer and laughed at all the warnings of impending winter.

> These are the people who will act indignant and vicious when they are deprived of comfort, and they will demand that the ants give up their preps to save them (which is not going to happen).

> There are other people who were merely oblivious to the situation and are mostly innocent in their lack of preparation

> They just weren't exposed to the available information for whatever reason.

> They live decent hard working lives and they are mostly innocent in all of this.

> They too will be faced with hard decisions in the near future –

> Some of them will try to prepare as best they can while the crisis is still in its early stages.

> Others will join the grasshoppers out of fear and demand a draconian government response.
> The Sheeple

> Sheeple are people that have no capacity for self leadership.

> They will follow whoever they think has the best chance of securing their survival, even if those people have evil intentions.

> Sheeple are not necessarily nefarious minded, they just don't care about the bigger picture and they only see what is right in front of them.

> This is a different mindset from those of us that look for leadership in people that display integrity, experience and competence; Sheeple don't care about any of that.
> They just want to feel protected and secure no matter what, even if they have to sacrifice their freedoms in exchange for that feeling.

> They are a prime target for The Collectivists and The Global Elites.

> Trying to talk sense to sheeple is almost impossible.

> in the midst of a global collapse still think this crisis will be over in a matter of weeks and that the

> government will save them.

> All you can do is provide a better solution than the collectivists and hope the Sheeple follow your lead instead of the evil empire's when the crash hits hardest........

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