Thursday, April 2, 2020

Pandemic Health Forecasts are Politically Motivated

two epidemiological teams in London,
 one at Imperial, 
and one at Oxford,
have very different forecasts about COVID-19. 

the Oxford team saw this as a minor event. 

attempt to call the Oxford study bogus 
because it did not support a governmental power grab of this nature. 

Now we have Sanford and many others asking what is going on.

The Imperial team led by Prof. Neil Ferguson, 
has been accepted by politicians BECAUSE it justified shutting down the world economy. 
Ferguson is a current member of SAGE the UK government's 
Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies. 
have a track record of being very wrong, 
which is being covered up.

Back in 2001, 
they created a panic over a foot and mouth epidemic when they were led by Professor Roy Anderson, and Ferguson was his protege. 

Anderson who established Imperial as the government's go-to team on communicable disease crises. 
There has been serious questions about why the government used Imperial, 
get that sort of position when they need a study and tell you the conclusion they need to hear.

Anderson left Oxford and joined Imperial allegedly 
because he had not declared to the Wellcome Trust the fact that he was receiving income from a scientific firm

Anderson had allegedly also publicly claimed that a woman in the zoology department was only appointed to a readership 
because she had slept with the head of the department. 

There were also allegations against him, 
but his allegation against this lecturer resulted in him being suspended for two months. 

For these reasons, 
he allegedly decided to leave Oxford and went to Imperial. 

He also took Neil Ferguson with him. 

BTW, the woman won her legal case against Anderson when it finally went to court.
Sunetra Gupta is now the head of the Oxford team engaged in the bitter struggle against 
the Imperial team that  Anderson set up with Neil Ferguson. 

Imperial recommendation to shut down the world economy.
was there a lot of money behind this fake research? 

The Oxford group is now working with colleagues at 
the Universities of Cambridge and 
to start antibody testing on the general population as soon as possible.

As I often say the "pandemic" is cover for something far more dangerous.


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