Sunday, April 19, 2020

Medicare ripoff: Epstein abortion of teen prostitutes How Easy Is It To Fool Americans? - LewRockwell

Deep State helping the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.
Steal money from Medicare to pay for New York City teen prostitute abortion industrial complex.

Most tests and COVID-19 diagnoses are in New York City area.
So NYC gets triple the hospital funding diseases that were happening anyway just made worse by the China virus.

Epstein teen prostitutes get free abortions, dermatologist expert manicures, pedicures, tattoos, medical services and other benefits at taxpayer expense.
So the whole rich city NYC bank center gets more $$$
while they laugh at the poor flyover states
who pay taxes to support the deep state
that is ripping them off in every manner possible.

Drugs, prostitutes, deluxe foods, condos, clothes, cosmetics are tax deductible expenses if you do the accounting right.

Skyscrapers, high speed rail, suburban housing, ski resorts, casinos, golf courses,….
all are financed by debt, money laundering,…
Paid in kind using drugs, prostitutes, foods, condos, abortion….
While legally paying zero taxes or low taxes on little reported income.
Taught in basic accounting and law classes.
Why there is so much debt and crime leaving mostly junk food for poor people in the more honest flyover states.

This hospital scheme sounds like fraud racketeering that can be prosecuted under RICO schemes.
Would the deep state prosecute itself?
Not likely.


Bribed to call it COVID

We have record of physicians and hospitals being paid to mis-code their diagnostic and billing numbers
to indicate "COVID-19" instead of plain pneumonia
because hospitals are reimbursed
$39,000 for COVID-19 instead of just
$13,000 for plain pneumonia

There is a financial incentive to list COVID-19 on death certificates.

Normally Medicare or the AMA would issue billing code information.

This directive comes from the CDC.

The federal government,
namely the CDC, is bribing doctors and hospitals to mis-code Medicare billing and
then using that fake data to lockdown the citizenry.

A report dated March 31 in The Atlantic estimates over 1 million Americans tested for COVID-19.

So, if a half-million COVID-19 cases have been laboratory confirmed (533,378),
then we have an infection rate of around 50%.

So COVID-19 coronavirus is very infectious but not very lethal.

When the vaccine is available, a lot of Americans won't need it.

Authorities are not telling you that.

At the present time,
a trio of dishonest and deceitful virologists who advise the President have taken over the world.

Wear a (useless) mask.

Stay six-feet away.

Stay indoors, at home.

Be a good American.

But what if it's all a misdirection,
Orson Wells redux?

The new spelling for coronavirus: CARONOVIRUS
carona NOUN
(horseback riding) saddlecloth
Asegura que la carona está bien puesta sobre la espalda del caballo antes de poner la montura.
Make sure that the saddlecloth is placed correctly on the horse's back before putting the saddle on.


When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

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