Monday, April 20, 2020

How to stop virus from killing you

Virus is carried by people and gets into the air, water, and onto surfaces.
Move far away from people and filthy air, water, surfaces, moving vehicles, bus, uber, lyft, taxi,…
It is not just the new corona virus.
Humanoid germs conspire with other viruses, bacteria, fungi to kill you off.
Get completely away from people to completely avoid human germs.
Get into the great outdoors.  
Family farm.

Any virus is just a tiny sliver of vulnerable RNA that will be eaten by fungi, bacteria, and other beneficial microbes from the great outdoors.
Do not sterilize and kill off those beneficial microbes.
Avoid any alcohol, clorox, disinfectants, sanitizers, antibiotics, or any substance that will kill natural microbes.
Your main defense army are those natural microbes from the great outdoors 
that will coat your lungs, hair and skin with beneficial microbes that will eat invaders.
And sauerkraut will fill your guts full of beneficial microbes probiotics.  

Heat + humidity will also kill off viruses by dissolving their skin and clogging them into bunches that drop out of the air.
Cold weather lightens the viruses so they float in the air and hardens viruses into little bullets that will penetrate your cells better.
That is why cold and flu season is in the winter.
Why big city New York was so impacted - too many people in the cold dry winter stuffed into theaters, bars, restaurants, buildings,...

Virus gets into your cells by ACE2 enzyme on the surface of your cells.
As you get older and older you get more and more ACE2 
so easier to get sick from the new virus.
Children lack the ACE2 enzyme so do not get sick from the new virus 
but children can can spread the virus to you as can dogs, cats, rats, bats,…
Avoid children, dogs, cats, rats, bats,…

Virus inside your cells replicates by replicase.
Massive amounts of the virus is made until it takes over and kills your cells that burst allowing viruses to invade your other cells until you die.

Zinc disables replicase so the virus cannot replicate and kill you.
Zinc disables the new coronavirus and other viruses such as hepatitis, polio, HIV-AIDS...
Eat enough zinc - most people are deficient.
The best source of zinc is oysters, lobster, crabs, shrimp, clams, scallops, scorpions, etc.  

Jews are wrong about kosher. Kosher diet is dangerous due to zinc deficiency viral diseases.

Zinc must get into your cells to save your life.
Quercetin pushes zinc into cells so your cells can disable virus replication
Quercetin is in green tea, vegetables, collards, cabbage, kale, red onions, red grapes, berries, apples,...
Quercetin also supports lung health.

Chloroquine and hydroxy-chloroquine help zinc get into the cells.

CoQ10 pushes zinc into our cells.
CoQ10 is made in your skin when your run in the sun after eating green vegetables by photosynthesis.
CoQ10 is a coenzyme, found in fatty fish, leafy greens, grapefruit, lemons, limes, oranges and strawberries. 
Run in the sun also produces vitamin D and pushes all nutrients cells all over your body.
Muscles are huge pumps that produce and pump many life giving chemicals into all your cells.

Sleep and exercise very important in maintaining health for many reasons.
TV is not sleep.
TV is not exercise.
Turn off electronics all night.
Sleep all night.
Exercise all day.

Low Population Density.
Avoid people, especially those different from you.
Rocky mountain high altitude is bright sun, few people, not much farming or GMO chemicals.
Wyoming the least densely populated in the least densely populated region, mostly white, organic:

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