Thursday, April 23, 2020

‘Exercising my rights is terrorism?’ Billionaire ripped online after she calls armed lockdown protesters ‘terrorists’....

From: Ron

This will greatly accelerate by mid May.

Protests will morph into riots and takeovers.

Historically during pandemics the sick are quarantined not the healthy.

I can see both Antifa and Second Amendment groups in the streets together while governors and municipalities lose control.

Law enforcement in general will stand down.

They recently did so in Flint Michigan where Christian protestors encountered rock throwing Muslims.

The police chief stated they were present to protect both sides and then stood down and did nothing.

Governors have the option of calling up the state guard.

President Trump has the option of requesting use of the state guard from the governors.

If the governors refuse to relinquish control the President can unilaterally nationalize a state guard.

A blue politician in Chicago and the
Progressive Portland police chief
have favored calling in the UN for urban insurrection.

The UN under their own Kilgali principle believes they have the right to intervene if they deem necessary
without the consent or invitation of a national government.

Bringing blue helmets into urban areas would result in a Lexington or Concord event imo.


On Mon, Apr 20, 2020, 11:36 PM Lothar

'Exercising my rights is terrorism?'
The View's Joy Behar [deep state cabal]
ripped online
after she calls armed lockdown protesters 'terrorists'
- Behar's interest is to take down America topple the president regain power for the establishment -

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