Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Epstein Corona Virus Sex Slavery NYC AOC ground zero.

New York City is ground zero because of liberalism and multiculturalism run amok.
Ground zero is Corona Flushing Elmhurst Queens neighborhoods where Trump grew up
now the largest east coast Chinatown.
AOC Alexandria Ocasio Cortez district includes it
AOC represents that culture and values.
1982 I met a Chinese female big boob social worker from there complaining about the poverty there.
1980s my travel agent for my trips from New York to China was also from there.

Front page news here most prostitution is Asian massage parlors run out of Flushing Queens NYC.
The whole USA immigration system is designed to exploit the poor as sex slaves
or other slaves to take work away from deplorable nativists
and spread STDs, heroin, phones, opium, Fentanyl,...

Epstein probably moved to Communist China after his fake suicide
and conspired with Communists to infect girls with Corona virus and fly them to New York City to start a Pandemic where he had established connections.
To punish USA for his prosecution while he lives high off the hog in China.

Hitler said ghetto people will drown in their own excrement.
1987 I talked to a liberal Chinaman in strange clothes who fell in love with Berkeley Telegraph Avenue
that I have always thought one of the dirtiest places in the world
dangerous even to walk thru,
germs and addicts everywhere.
I never could see the attraction.
Genes create their own environment
as I told a Stanford U gay trans China phd student in 1994.

NYC Jews are upset and starting to demand some reversal of multiculturalism as in the article below.
in 1997 a Los Angeles Rich JAP - Jewish American Princess - in expensive private school told me:
"The Asians are killing us"
meaning they are getting admissions to the best universities
because Chinese, Koreans, Japanese are smarter than Jews.

Vast Crime Network and sex slavery 9,000 illicit massage parlors across the country.
The epicenter of this national underground is the bustling Chinatown in Flushing, in the New York City borough of Queens.
Women arrive at Kennedy International Airport learn the trade and are sent out.
work, tourist, or student visa then overstayed to work in the sex industry.
massage jobs are presented as opportunities for fast, easy money.

Coronavirus corruption:
430,000 flew directly from China since January;
40,000 since 'shutoff'
While we are confined to our homes,
it appears that 40,000 people have come here from China since the supposed shutoff.
according to the New York Times many came in with "spotty screening."

Senators Tom Cotton Arkansas and Josh Hawley Missouri
called for a shutoff earlier in January
Liberals pushing for an indefinite suspension of the Bill of Rights
and long-term home confinement for Americans
won't support a China travel shutoff in the future and
opposed a shutoff when in the past when it would have mattered.

Which brings us to the question our government will not ask:
When did COVID-19 really start in the USA?
How pervasive was it from December until March?
If this virus spreads like wildfire,
then it is impossible that it did not spread at least as early as January,
with so many Chinese and American travelers coming directly from China.

Travel from China is not a civil right,
The same people who refused to shut it off
now tell us we must shut down the entire country and quarantine
after they have long spread the virus everywhere
beyond the ability of quarantines to help.
It's like bailing water from a sinking boat while continuing to enlarge the hole!

Nowhere is this more evident than in Queens, New York.
Queens accounts for more deaths per capita than anywhere in the country?
Queens has many Chinese immigrants
some of whom the New York times documented as recently having traveled back from China in January.

some zip codes in Queens are seeing a 60 percent positive rate in coronavirus testing,
with Elmhurst Hospital taking the brunt of the patients,
given its proximity to Chinatown.
there is no doubt that the initial outbreak was brought in through travel from China
On February 9, Chinatown held a massive lunar new year celebration,
people jammed shoulder to shoulder in the streets of Queens.
The local politicians serving at the altar of political correctness,
sought to allay fears of any public health concerns.
New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot,
knowing that thousands flew in directly from Wuhan for the new year and new college semester.
"The importance of events like this is to share with New Yorkers the reality that
"The risk for New Yorkers of the coronavirus is low,
and our preparedness as a city is very high.
While people feel anxious,
that is no excuse for them to spread misinformation or
to spread racist ideas because that is currently the greatest risk to New Yorkers."

Those of us who believe a complete lockdown is counterproductive in all ways are accused of not caring enough about lives.
Yet long after I had called for getting serious on coronavirus,
Rep. Nydia Velazquez encouraged people to attend the packed Chinese lunar new year celebrations.
"I expect that more consumers will walk through the doors like nothing is happening,
because really nothing is happening,"
Now she has contracted the virus herself.

Thus, the very people who helped import the virus
and then spent two months blithely carrying on with large packed events
are now lecturing us on the need to shut down even small businesses that follow CDC guidelines.


As Trump administration debated travel restrictions,
thousands streamed in from China
Trump slowed its spread into the United States by acting decisively to bar travelers from China on Jan. 31
"I was criticized by the Democrats when I closed the Country down to China
many weeks ahead of what almost everyone recommended.
Saved many lives,"

the administration took a month from the time it learned of the outbreak in late December to impose the initial travel restrictions amid furious infighting.
Pottinger met opposition from Mnuchin and Kudlow who were concerned about economic fallout from barring travelers from China

Each day that the administration debated the travel measures, roughly 14,000 travelers arrived in the United States from China

On Jan. 3,
Dr Fu, head of China's disease control agency,
informed his U.S. counterpart, Dr Redfield, director of the CDC,
in an emotional telephone call that the outbreak was growing out of control,

There were thousands of travelers arriving daily from Wuhan's Hubei province to the United States,
as well as a rising number of Covid-19 cases reported by the Chinese government beginning in mid-January,

the recommendation met with resistance because of concerns about spooking the markets and scaring the public
Mnuchin and Kudlow argued strongly against the travel restrictions
In addition to the impact on the stock market,
they expressed concern about the supply chain for everything from semiconductors to ingredients for pharmaceuticals

On Jan. 29 the Council of Economic Advisers,
presented a worst-case scenario of what a pandemic and travel restrictions could do to the economy
supported Kudlow and Mnuchin's arguments against travel restrictions

On Jan. 30 the White House's newly formed coronavirus task force was debating travel restrictions
when Mulvaney entered the room telling Pottinger:
"The president wants to see you now,"
Trump issued the order the next day, Jan 31.

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