Friday, April 17, 2020

Democrats block Senate effort to pour more cash into small business relief program

A Senate bill to add $251 billion to the emergency small business coronavirus stimulus program
met with opposition from Democrats,
who tried to tack on their own agenda

A White House-backed measure to
add a quarter of a trillion dollars to the small-business bailout passed last month
as part of a massive coronavirus stimulus bill aimed at getting the US economy back on its feet
ran aground in the Senate on Thursday,
after Democrats dug their feet in to demand an additional
$250 billion for hospitals and local governments,
plus a 15 percent boost to the food stamp program.

The Paycheck Protection Program intended to help small businesses bridge coronavirus lockdowns has run out of funds.

Democrats, who opposed extending it,

are now misquoting Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to blame him instead.

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