Thursday, April 16, 2020

Daily deaths in the United States, by cause – covid-19, seasonal flu, heart disease, cancer, accidents

They do not need a infographic at all,
a simple table is sufficient to show the (erroneous) data.

The first infographic should be a line chart showing the time series of death by major causes.
This would check the database.

The second infographic would superimpose a line chart of the novel corona virus to check that data as well.

Bad use of infographics suggests stupidity
or being paid to lie and present misleading results.

The problem is the covid-19 data is highly unreliable because workers will mis-classify during the rush and chaos of pandemic.

Indeed workers may be forced to mis-classify for political reasons.
Classifiers are hired by government deep state in the 50 states and federal government.
If they do not follow instruction by deep state rulers they will be fired or jailed.
Slaves often obey masters.

There are numerous reports that workers are classifying death as covid19 as long as they test positive whether or not covid19 was the true cause.
Or even without a test.

Liberal news media constantly complain about lack of test kits.
How can they report tests if they lack test kits?
They admit they lie!

Did victims die of covid-19 or other disease?
Victims typically have multiple pre-existing conditions.
Cannot be sorted out easily.
All such statistics are unreliable.

In general death statistics are unreliable - just a guess by who fills out a certificate, who may not even have much training.

Health statistics are unreliable - you do not know how healthy you are
There is little testing of the live or dead.

Why people spend 10 years to get phd in bio-statistics.
To try to approximate from data and extract from data some vague notion of what is going on about health.
It is not easy and most research will not be done before 2030.
It is not news yet.

It is easier to figure out strategies on how to stay healthy,
Than to figure out which of multiple causes are killing dysfunctional fat slobs on planet earth in 2020.

From: Lothar

(Natural News) Because there has been so much disinformation pushed out about covid-19
by some pro-Trump indy media pundits who fail to accurately interpret numbers
(like David Knight from InfoWars
as well as Dr. David Brownstein),
we've put together a very clear chart of daily deaths in the United States from all the top causes.

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