Saturday, April 11, 2020

COSMIC END GAME: Coronavirus vaccines, depopulation and the demonic war to claim your soul for Satan | The Common Sense Show

From: Lothar

Those who decide to resist the mandatory coronavirus vaccine will have to fight for their lives against vaccine authoritarianism run amok.

Armed assault teams form the CDC will force vaccinate anyone they can capture.

Notably, if you do not consent to the vaccination, you can still save your soul, even if you die from the injection.

Consent can only be given; it cannot be taken at gunpoint, against your will.

Your soul can only be claimed by Satan if you voluntarily surrender it by consenting to be marked with the blood harvested from ritually sacrificed children whose organs are routinely used by the vaccine industry to grow cell cultures for vaccines.

This is why you and I must all fight for survival against the vaccine assault teams,

all of whom will be manned by agents of Satan who are working to steal souls

and inflict great suffering and death upon the people.

Prepare for the ultimate battle for your eternal soul.

Your soul is bulletproof.

They cannot take it unless you give it to them.

They can kill your body, or they can maim your biology against your will, but they cannot take your soul without your consent.

When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

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