Friday, April 17, 2020

Coronavirus Silence Is Not Golden: The Pathetic Truth About Americans

we are facing the ultimate threat to not only our freedom, but to our very existence.

We are in the middle of the single biggest takeover of humanity that has ever been attempted,

and it is being prosecuted by the few due to the extreme fear evident amongst the general population.

This takeover is due to a fraudulent virus scare cooked up by those seeking world domination, and whose agenda is evil.

The only reason this fakery can be successful in destroying the mass of mankind is if the people allow it to happen.

Is the fear of a flu-like illness all that is necessary for the masses to give up life as they know it?

Is it enough for most of society to give up everything they have worked for throughout their lives?

Mass dissent is necessary in order to reverse this horrendous governing oligarchy, and to eliminate any orders from the state apparatus.

Refuse to close your businesses and go back to work. Refuse to take orders. Refuse to be banned from travel.

Refuse to abide by any "social distancing" nonsense.

Refuse to self-isolate, and force the state to play its hand.

Refuse to vaccinate, and help destroy those like the evil Bill Gates and his pawns at the CDC.

Refuse to listen to any impotent governor that only seeks more power and notoriety.

Refuse to accept a king, for mass disobedience will destroy the beast that is tyranny.

When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

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