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Conspiracy FACT: Why does the WHO and CDC require ZERO virus testing for "COVID DEATHS"?

Doctors cannot diagnose disease very well.
Google "wrong diagnosis" misdiagnosis missed diagnosis "wrong treatment" "drug interactions", drug impurities, etc.
If these do not kill you then Malpractice a leading cause of death.
Hospital acquired infections are a leading cause of death.
Ventilators probably cause more harm than help.
Study outright murder, accidents, stupidity,..., especially by government.
Avoid the medical industrial system!

Cause of death are even harder to determine than diagnosis of disease.
Coroners are often political appointees without any training or enough training.
Nepotism, sex, money, etc.
They can call any death COVID-19 as discussed below.

A drug supply chain based in Communist China
And dirty 3rd world locations Walmart Bill Clinton Arkansas Globalism
Without any inspections at all or only or announced inspections.
A system that makes rich 1% richer and gets rid of old, weak, retired people medicare part D drugs George Bush.

If the government wants to get rid of you
the government has the means to make sure cause of your death will not determined
so nobody will be held accountable for your murder.

Phd economists talk about "regulatory capture"
where rich companies take over their regulatory agencies,
and provide a revolving door for regulators so they get plush featherbedding jobs in the rich companies
if they are sufficiently corrupt.

Fauci Birx failed to produce a HIV AIDS vaccine.
No cold or flu vaccine works.
There is no system to determine whether any vaccine works.
Crooks will fight to prevent any system to determine whether any vaccine works.
If it does work you will not be allowed to buy it.
If it does not work you will be forced to buy it.

The system is designed to make the rich richer and live longer.
While the poor get poorer and die sooner, eat junk food, watch junk TV, ball games, take pills, smoke pot,...

From: GM


Let us keep in mind that the CDC and the WHO ( and the FDA )

1. are privately owned entities

2. are controlled by Rockefeller and Gates type scum

3. require zero virus testing because ZERO VIRUS TESTS EXIST

What have been called C19 virus tests are
that call everything C19.


On Friday, April 10, 2020, 04:29:31 PM PDT, Ron

Good summary.

Blue jurisdictions will continue with the hoax until they become East Germany.

There is an agenda having to do with the election less than 250 days away.

In a lockdown situation much Electoral mischief can be hidden.


On Fri, Apr 10, 2020, 4:52 PM Rich wrote:

The GreenMedInfo

Since my last personal note to you on April 8th,
I received hundreds of powerfully affirmative response.

I am not able to respond to them all, but know that I do make my best effort to read each and every one of them.

Clearly you want to know what's going on, without it being watered down.

And like me, I think you realize the cost of inaction,
or a lack of inquiry,
may be far worse than the risks associated with openly questioning and even challenging the dominant narrative

(so dominant that we are all consenting to house arrest,

despite the fact that it violates many of our basic civil liberties).

I truly believe I am witnessing the beginning murmurs of a collective awakening
-- which may be the true silver lining of this plan-demic
(I'm just going to call it what it is from here on out).

I'd like to direct you to a colleague's post on the 7 silver linings of the Pandemic if you need more encouragement.

Also, my beloved wife Kelly Brogan's new piece:

Why the Present Moment is an Opportunity.

For those who missed my last email, it's now in article form after some of you asked to share it via social media:

Let's Get Real About This So-Called "Plan-Demic"

Since then, we've seen a powerful tug-of-war between the "doom-and-gloom" spinners

and those who are willing to speak up and against what is increasingly feeling like a theater of the absurd.

This is one reason why I derive great pleasure from the meme below, which is
-- tragicomically accurate -- on a metaphoric level:

This is the same CNN whose lead reported Anderson Cooper was a CIA intern and which is based in Atlanta, GA, where the CDC lives.

If you recall, on March 14th they published a highly dubious Imperial College fatality estimate as if it were fact,

claiming that 1.7 million Americans would die if the entire country wasn't locked down,

and that the mandatory quarantine and social distancing measures

(not to mention the economic devastation this "health policy" wrought) could last as long as 18-months "until a vaccine is available."

The lead author Fergusen later unapologetically retracted that estimate

(even though it had already adversely affected the lives of hundreds of millions of people).

This was the report that turned the at-the-time much more optimistic Trump,
and the next day he bowed to the pressures of the deep state,
i.e. military-medical industrial establishment,
locking the country down on March 15th, for the first 14-days. CNN continues, daily, to catastrophize.

Here's a new piece of highly inflammatory and dubious information from their daily Coronavirus email update:

"A new study modeled on Chinese data suggests that lockdowns can't be fully relaxed until a vaccine is available
— and warns that loosening restrictions could result in a second wave of infections in mid-summer.

And worrying new research from the Korean CDC indicates that
the virus may "reactivate" in people previously cured of the illness,
Bloomberg reports."

The propaganda, however, can not account for the reality that the COVID-19 deaths being recorded around the world
are not being clinically or virologically confirmed as anything more than "suspected."

Both the US health statistics agency and the World Health Organization have announced that the
certification of "deaths by COVID-19" require ZERO proof that a virus is the cause of death.

Yet, these "fatalities" are reported throughout the world's media as true, without question.

And this is what media outlets like CNN (and thousands like them, incidentally owned by the same 6 corporations)
use to fan the flames of fear, hysteria, and ultimately

justify a highly destructive global lockdown that will likely cause millions to lose their lives due to the adverse socioeconomic and psychobiological adverse effects that will follow.

Listen to Dr. Scott Jensen describe how the CDC's COVID-19 death reporting guidelines are essentially baseless,

and how Dr. Fauci is calling anyone pointing out that the emperor has no clothes "conspiracy theorists."

They've got virtually nothing left in the way of credibility,
so they resort to name-calling and dehumanization.

Ironically, the most consistent response I had since my last email to you about the plan-demic was that
I should watch the world's most controversial "conspiracy theorist"
David Icke's interview for London Real
which was almost immediately removed by both Vimeo and Youtube.

Doesn't the fact of its aggressive censorship make you want to watch it for that reason alone?
Here it is for those who want to take the "red pill":


I don't think it will shock too many of you, given that so much of what he is speaking about is already happening,
or is even being reported on in the mainstream media.

For instance, Bill Gates has been talking about the introduction of "immunity certificates"
that would require we get a COVID vaccine to be able to leave our houses,
go back to work,
and travel.

There's been plenty of lead up to this.

Gates has already been funding research into
"invisible ink tattoos that could be used to ID vaccinated kids."

You can listen to him discuss his vision for you and I here on youtube here.

A few months ago,
this would have been written off as conspiracy theory.

Now it's being boldly stated by self-appointed social engineers and world health planners such as Gates merely as "what's going to happen."

Take what resonates from the Icke interview, and leave what doesn't.

I'm certainly interested in hearing back from some of you to see how that landed.

A couple final things to consider.
While this is going to make some of you angry and even more concerned about what's going on,
I share it because I believe its important that we all know what the planners of this event want to happen next
\ (I'm absolutely not going to stand by it, and if you won't either,
please join Stand for Health Freedom where we are developing a campaign to fight for your freedoms).

Here's a video of Dr. Mike Ryan, the WHO's Emergencies Program director, saying that they:

"May have to enter homes and remove family members."

While this sounds outrageous and like a bad science fiction film,
it is even more outrageous that hundreds of millions of people,
around the world, are standing down in full compliance with whatever the authorities say should happen next.

The reality is that blind faith and compliance with the WHO's and CDC's plan-demic
may very well result in the nightmarish scenario described by Dr. Ryan above.

The "frog" is already boiling.

Social distancing has already been unquestionably accepted the world over despite a significant body of evidence showing it can do great harm:

13 Studies Reveal How Social Distancing
(i.e. Social Isolation)
Can Increase Mortality.

The reality is that independent epidemiological research
on social distancing effectively reducing contagion-based morbidity and mortality
is equivocal at best.

But the heat is slowly being turned up.

A practice now being mandated in cities around the United States (and world),
is the wearing of face masks.
My latest report FACE IT: The Evidence Proving the Effectiveness of

Community Mask Wearing Doesn't Exist;

The WHO Agrees sheds light on the reality that the WHO itself warns against the practice because it can make the problem worse.

And so, if the practice does not prove "live saving" results as widely claimed,
then it is more accurate to view it as an almost cult-like fetish or muzzle,
demonstrating to the world one's unquestioning compliance in a form of full spectrum dominance this world has never before seen.

If we continue to give up our rights (even shaming or threatening those around us who don't comply), without question,
it is unlikely there will be resistance when other agendas are unleashed,
such as a Chinese-style social credit system is rolled out,
mandatory vaccination,
a digital ID tied to vaccination status,
a 5G enabled real time surveillance network,
a global governance system that will preempt the rights of individual nations, and many others.

All, ostensibly, to "save us from a virus," which truth be told, relative to the deaths from equally preventable causes such as
heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and even seasonal flu,
makes a cruel mockery of the actions taken thus far in the name of saving us from COVID.

Thanks for being part of this list and our community.

I'll do my best to keep you informed, and I hope to launch the Regenerate Project community soon,
where we will be focusing on resilience strategies and deep, evidence-based inspiration through the lens of the New Biophysics, in this trying time!

Grab your copy of my book so you'll be ready to join me and can share your insights, questions and experiences!

Warm regards

Sayer Ji

Let's Get Real About This So-Called "Plan-Demic"

We're all in the midst of an epochal, civilization-level shift that is challenging us individually and collectively to our cores.

This is making it exceedingly difficult to focus on the positive.

But I'm going to try -- after speaking candidly about what I think is going on.

W.H.O. Official: "May have to enter homes and remove family members"

In the disturbing video above, Dr. Mike Ryan,
the head of the World Health Organization's Emergencies Program,
describes the W.H.O's egregiously invasive recommendation
that health authorities may come into people's homes
and take those suspected to be infected by COVID-19
to be quarantined, tested and presumably medicated against their will.

CDC's Guidance for Certifying COVID-19 Deaths NOT Accurate
-- No Virus Testing, Only "Suspected" Cause Required
In this revealing interview, Dr. Scott Jensen, explains that the CDC's present guidelines for determining "COVID-19 deaths" are not evidence-based,
and may even have to do with the greater profitability of doing so.

His testimony runs directly counter Dr. Fauci, who labeled any criticism of their highly controversial policy "conspiracy theory."

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