Friday, April 10, 2020

Civil War activate the militia: Bureaucrat Dr. Birx: STAY HOME & STARVE - The Washington Standard

The Fed is bailing out the culprits who created this mess
(behind the scenes).
So they can create the next mess.
Same happened in
the 1987 flash crash,
the 2000 Bill Clinton dot com crash,
the 2008 Bush Obama mortgage crash bailouts.
Pattern is repeated now.

Mnuchin is trying to get Treasury to help the bailouts done and forthcoming….
Not as big as the Fed bailout.

You will get crumbs if you survive.

Much of the economy was detrimental and needed to be shut down without bailout.

The important parts of the economy must be re-opened and continued.

Otherwise the militia will self-activate.

Talking heads will lose their heads or starve to death in a quarantine, cutoff from supplies.

The civil war continued a hot war after the declared end of the war.

Gradually winded down but only in the last few decades has been suppressed.

Some of those faults remain will re-erupt in a new civil war
if the economy is not re-opened
and fixed.

Move to a mono-cultural area that offers hope of survival with good weather and food, water, off the grid.

The virus is a lesser problem.
Blown up out of proportion by too much entertainment, planes, travel, casinos, hotels, cruises, 3G, 4G, phones, electronics….

Stay home and avoid viruses and filthy people.

> From: Ron
> Don't have much use for any of these persons that are trotted up to the microphone.

> They lie and omit and frequently dont know what they are talking about.

> Conflicting motives and agendas.

> Some worship God.

> Others worship god (small g).

> Some are humanitarians.

> Some despise humanity.

> Damn shame Americans are too lazy and/or stupid to research anything on their own.

> "Snopes or Factcheck says this"or "this person said that. "

> Having been warning persons regarding impending scenarios since about 2000.

> Only 10% of Americans are interested in what is really going on in the world.

> Of those only 10% feel they can do anything about it.

> Trump comes along and suddenly they coalesce around their new found champion.

> Fortunately you and most persons on our email circuit are at least a few steps ahead of those persons in the lines.

> Looks like the preppers and so called "conspiracy theorists" were right all along.
> Ron
> On Wed, Apr 8, 2020, 6:48 PM Lothar wrote:

> Lothar
> When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

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