Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Chickens vs Scary Revelations From a Food Distributor

My city allows 6 hens per house - one reason I live here.
Should be legal everywhere.

We also have 2 huge hospital systems including 1 brand new wing for coronavirus patients mostly empty due to not much coronavirus here.
Why I moved here.

There is a glut of food, prices falling, farmers going bankrupt, ranchers stuck with lots of live cattle but cannot sell due to low beef prices.
Temporary shortage of some items due to consumer stockpiling, some places.

There will be a glut of food in most stores soon, if trucks can get there and workers will work there.

Massive supplies coming of wheat rice soy corn oats grains alcohol flour sugar vegetable oil.

I will have trouble eating my stuff in the next year will probably have to throw out.
I stocked up in January February before the rush when virus was first announced.

Good idea still to get off the grid with your own food, water, electricity,…

It is easy around here to get hundreds of feet or miles away from everybody so then you cannot get sick from any communicable disease.

I am looking at options but fairly well placed right now.

From: Ron

Useful video.
Recommend reading "One Second After"
 Copies can still be bought online for less than $10
Rich and I have read this book. 

We are looking at building or buying a coop for a minimum 4 chickens along with building a runway.
Both of us have kept chickens before.
Eggs are being rationed here and we live on one half acre.
A chicken egg contains about 8 grams of protein.


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